Rashmi Bindra – Reviving The Art Of Hand Painting & More

Audi Peaklife Fashion Capsule – A Fashionable Extravaganza

An Evening About Experimenting – When Art Met Heart


An Evening About Experimenting – When Art Met Heart

An evening about experimentation, innovation, and interpretation. by Kushagra Das The Emerging Artist of the year award powered by bestcollegeart.com and Glenfiddich which was one by Raju Baraiya is one of the most celebrated arts award. The artist is chosen by a group of leading artists, gallery owners, art critics…

Agony and Ecstasy of being a ‘Gigger’!

The challenges and benefits of a rising workforce of ‘on-demand workers’ Swati Rai   A relatively new free market work model, ‘gig economy’ and ‘contingent workforce’, comprises employees opting for short term, instead of full or even part time employment and engagement with companies. They could be freelancers, on-call and…

Surviving The Fashion Week

By Kushagra Das For fashion enthusiasts, Fashion Week is that time of the year which outshines any other event. It is a heady cocktail of work and play. Runways, interviews, parties, crafting editorial content, affixing right picture angles, a person who works in the business surely knows that the burnout…