So we’ve become mothers- yes you and I as does half the world, all the time! I remember when I used to watch this advertisement the jingle of which kept strumming in my head till I couldn’t bear it…’Jab mein chotta bachha tha…) Uff get it out of your head now!  I couldn’t as an eight year old imagine this uncle (See pic below) as a child once- I be like- are you kidding a ‘kid’! How could this man ever be a kid! Everything’s possible I learnt- I grew up and now am a mother of  a 9 year old but, good or bad … Here’s why I never say  #AajKalKeBacche!


Yes our kids are not playing as much as we used to – they have found new’er’ toys (read technology-tablets, PSP, and other monsters) but hey! Have we not woken up from the 70’s yet? Have the times not changed- think… is it the child who has changed or have the times changed?
rather than spouting the oft heard #AajKalKeBacche; can we for once strike a balance in healthy outdoors activity and  allow some indoor  play time with their favourite technology, responsibly. We are happy for them to watch the idiot box when we have a deadline but when they want to watch it – Tauba #AajKalKeBacche!

We were not like this’! 

It is evolution at play when we feel that this generation (This- being symbolic of any young generation at any period of time) is smarter, swifter and street smart’er’. Each successive generation will and ought to be smarter, however it doesn’t make you and I dumb! This constant comparison of one’s youth to their children’s is at best childish and at worst, a disturbing neurosis! Ask yourself, is it helping the kids when we say ‘We didn’t do this or that when…” Is the child listening to you after the first syllable of the word! There are better ways of handling a situation when you are pushed against the wall …but that’s another post! 

‘When we were your age’

Nostalgia is sweet but trust me as much as I love Nutella there is something called death by Nutella! You want to recount stories of your childhood …by all means go ahead, but don’t tell them from a selfish purpose of bringing up your clones! Indulge the kids rationally- believe me, the peer pressure in our child’s life makes what we had in ‘our times’ , just a ‘child’s play’! When I was on my eighth-month-way to becoming a mother,  a friend’s mother told me,  ‘Everything changes when a grubby paw touches you’ I sure agree, but feel It’s time for us mothers to reach out to their grubby paws and place a hand to support  #AajKalkeBacche! 

Guess why I am writing?- Here!
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