25 years is a long time in any field leave alone fashion, where there is a starry-eyed, short-cut taking, so called fashion designer out every second!

Manish Malhotra Kaleidoscope 
Manish started when a fashion designer was equated with a ‘darzee‘! Carving a niche over the more-than-two-decades’ journey,  the ace couturier has left no doubt unaddressed so far as his sartorial credibility is concerned! 
Here are 5 reasons why The insider feels that label MANISH MALHOTRA is here to stay for years to come!
That ‘Designer’ Look! 
Social Message
The designer has undoubtedly shown sensitivity towards gender parity by showing his women as sensually aware and worldly wise self confident breed!  Case in point Summer/ Resort collection- The Blue Runway!  

The A tribute to a self-confident and spirited woman,Manish Malhotra unveiled his couture line, ‘THE EMPRESS’ STORY’ at the Amazon India Couture Week! 
From Start to finish! 
So here’s some gyaan for fashion newbies, the who’s who of the fashion world either start or end the Fashion weeks! End of story! MM has a spate of these under his slim belt!
At the First Ever MM Menswear Show
 ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’ at Lakmé Fashion Week’s, Preview! 
Off Site, On!
Another must-have for a fashion designer who has arrived is an offsite show:
The Blue Runway- at the Great Eastern Home- a home décor store featuring beautiful furniture.
The Empress Story at The Leela Palace, New Delhi
The Gentlemen’s Club : Will be  at Mehboob Studio  
Need we say more?
Brand stand

From Philips to Vogue top brands vie for an association with MM and how!

 The Vogue Bridal Studio’ in partnership with the Taj Group went to Dubai with Manish Malhotra

Those asking for the fifth reason!
All this wouldn’t have been possible had there been no exceptional talent! Right? 

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