, in association with Blogmint brings fashion and lifestyle bloggers across the country together! organized a bloggers’ meet in association with Blogmint on August 1 at the Striker pub and restaurant in Ambience mall. An idea of bringing fashion and lifestyle bloggers together was very well executed with contests and panel discussion.

Three things that we heart from the panel discussion:

1. Don’t let a brand exploit you! Get ahead of their game by getting to know blogging basics for avoiding exploitation!

2. Shelly hit the nail in the head saying ‘blogging is a profession and the brands must treat it like one’! You go girl!

3. Aneesha’s view: ‘be true to your readers’… we say Bingo!
The Best Part

A contest of dressing up mannequins which was a lot of fun for everyone. And with bloggers getting more followers for their blogs, it ended up to be a pleasant meet for the bloggers.
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