Celebrities, politicians, media mavens, social workers, actors join us in ‘applause applause’ for India as it hits 69 The insider asks them ‘What does it mean to be independent?

Azaadi Ka Ehsaas– AAP Legislator Alka Lamba

मेरे लिये आज़ादी एक एहसास है,
वो एहसास जो खुले आसमान में बिना किसी सरहद के,बिना किसी पाबंदी के अपने पुरे पंख फैलाये उचाईयों को छूते हुये हर एक पंछी को देखकर होता है।
मेरी जिंदगी पर मेरा ही हक़ है,मेरी इच्छाओं पर मेरा ही बस है,मेरी आज़ादी उस आग,पानी,हवा के बहाव की तरहा है जिसे कोई रोक नहीं सकता।
आज़ादी का अहसास बहुत ही अद्भुत है।
हाँ मैं आज़ाद हूँ ।
 Alka Lamba
That Royal Touch!
True Independence  is freedom with responsibility -to be able to express oneself responsibly without fear or favour.
H.R.H Arvind Singh Mewar 

To me Independence is a way of living; its about having the the freedom to take your decisions no matter how big or small they are and being able to achieve your goals without giving up on your beliefs.
Gul Panag

To me, being independent is all about having the confidence to forge your own path and believe in yourself. Aside from the obvious self sufficiency independence warrants, it’s really about a state of mind.
Malini Aggarwal 
Independence means having the freedom to make your own decisions, taking responsibility for your own actions, and being mature enough to do both. Independence is freedom, power, opportunity and responsibility. It instils self-confidence that in turn shapes your personality and future.
Shallu Jindal

Independence day for me means to walk freely, talk freely, speak freely and do everything what I like with full liberty. For me independence day is a responsibility to behave in a ethical manner infront of my people and surroundings.
Manoj Bajpayee 

Being able to earn my own money, change my own tyre, have my own thoughts and opinions and still be able to get him to do all my dirty work 🙂 
Neeti Palta
Being independent to me implies being able to respond to ones own authentic self and take responsibility for it. Independence is a product of managing your thoughts and actions.
Sairee Chahal
Independence to me is to stay out of the box and to be able to stay ahead of success rather than become its slave.  Surely, live life on your own terms but while staying fully mindful of the responsibilities that come with such freedom. Independence is equally about being respectful of the rights of others  including those dependent on you!
Sumant Batra, Founder KLF
It means that I get to choose my thoughts, my words & my actions. Thus, creating my own world. 
Scherezade Shroff

Happy Independence Day! 

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