The Comedy Hunt on YouTube,” India’s first web hunt to find the next comedy stars on YouTube in India has boiled down to India’s top 40 creators. The hunt saw participation from all over India – with 1578 entries from over 60 cities across India. 
Here’s what Rohan Joshi from All India Bakchod had to say “Comedy is tough to do and we were thrilled at the number of entries that came in, from all over the country. For 1,500 people to take the time out to create an audition video and send it in is a huge deal. Now working with these diverse creators and creating more random videos is going to be a ton of fun.”

L-R:Kanan Gill, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Rohan Joshi and Gursimran Khamba

Here’s what Kanan Gill had to say: “All of us were slightly apprehensive when the entry submission for the comedy hunt was to begin. What if no one was interested? What if people didn’t take it seriously? Those fears were more than assuaged by the flood of entries. What was especially heartening that the entries were in no way limited to the metros. The consensus so far? People are very funny, and they’re serious about comedy.”

What do the five winners get to do?
At the end of the weekly challenges, top 5 contestants will be flown to Mumbai for the grand finale, where they will get a chance to share the stage with their mentors like AIB, Kanan & Biswa, SnG & East India Company. At the end of the finale the winner of The Comedy Hunt will be chosen.
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