Tech Troubles- Aakriti Sharma
Recently, some pictures from my phone have gone astray. I did not delete them but because of some unknown reason they vanished from my phone. So you say, ‘What’s so sad about it? Well you must be having a backup in your system or at least on your mail but, I don’t, because of my blind faith on my phone. What is gone is gone! I don’t think I will be getting it back now.
 But what if everything from our cell phones to Internet, to our systems; in short, this whole technology thing gets disrupted? Sounds very scary, no?
Today where everything relies on technology, its sudden absence is unimaginable for us. Think! We weren’t so techno savvy two to three decades ago- but back then people were living too! What will be so different now? What will happen to this global village if technology gets disrupted for a day?

·     It won’t be much different from the state of life without water on Earth. Yes, we will be in the same state as we are when only the 1% chare is left in our phones. SCARY.
·     People will be back in society park to discuss this break down, as we will no longer be able to share our take on anything and everything, on Watsapp, Facebook and Twitter!

·     Journalists will find their traditional cameras to cover this failure of twenty first century. Radios and televisions remaining the only source of information.
·     All those employed in MNCs will be relieved from excess  mails from their bosses sitting in US and UK. Party time for them but without cell phones to take selfies!

·     The files and documents of government and other institutions for which they have no hard copies or back up. Where would that go?


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