Aakriti Sharma, an intern with The Insider writes about her experience as a media student! 
 I have been told so many times by my family and friends that they really love what I am doing, “the course” in statements like, “Arts ke baad kisi ko pehli baar kuch dhang ka kartey huey dekha hai”, if you are from the Arts background. If you aren’t, heaven save you because, then, your family curses you for doing media walacourse.

But no one has ever asked, how is it to be like a media student and I will provide you the inside glimpses.

·  Moment you enrol into a media course, the first ever question to pop up from our rishtedaars is, “arrey wahi jo tv main aatey hain?” or pointing towards print, “acha ye jo wo akhbaaron main likhtay hain?”

·     First ever thing you learn after enrolling into a media course is, “plagiarism is a sin” which it is. And from that very moment, we start looking for and practicing originality- we don’t even copy assignments anymore.

 All is not lost though , there are some perks too- you meet writers, movie stars or news channel journos, and well known personalities from the media sphere, as guest lectures. Woo hoo! not just meeting but getting to learn the techniques first hand!

·You don’t see news as news anymore. Watching news, reading news and if possible eating news, also becomes your lifetime homework.
·     The hardest part is yet to come. Yes you have to manage and be aware of what is going on in print, television, radio and twitter as well. If you cannot manage this, your lecturers will very clearly declare you  non-deserving of the course because this is just the beginning!

 Where are you interning? Are you even interning somewhere? Well, internship is a major part of this course, you will realize very soon and getting into a good organization is one pain in the arse!
·  Confused between this whole ruckus of print, broadcast or digital and knowing another level of struggle in the industry, where you wanted to change the world with power of your pen and your reporting skills; you realize the harsh realities of this glamorous industry and you will just become another pet of power holders and with this you get lost and feel uncertain about it. Asking yourself questions like, can I do this? Is this course for me or not? “I need to start looking for an alternative” is what you end up telling yourself.
·  After this if you meet someone saying, “this is my dream course”  you will either feel like killing that person or will offer your seat to be taken!

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