So, I am warning you that this is a highly opinionated (yes mine) rant on why it’s dumb to use emoji’s (what is this word anyway?) 
No, I don’t use these irritating bits of yellow faces  generically called ‘smiley’s’.
Here’s why- 
The ‘dumbness’ of language!
We are back to hieroglyphics with these faces, I mean it’s like everything is ‘nice’ instead of gorgeous, captivating or ok! The need for words has been shot down by these faces sticking their tongue out or the weirdest – ‘Throwing a kiss’! There are now conversations that are just an exchange of these -symmetrical circles!


who needs words- Use Emoji!

Non Verbal communication- anyone?
Imagine a normal face to face or even a telephonic conversation with emoji! Funny right? Here’s the thing, it’s not that emotions didn’t exist before emoji’s, in-fact, quite the contrary! We expressed touch-feely, hatey-loathy and indifference through inflections in the voice and our vast vocabulary! Not so now- then we say smart phones are making us more foolish- still wondering why?
Botox of conversation
Yes we use these as fillers when we want to say something , but not ‘say’ anything literally- they add ambiguity to a linear conversation and confusion to a varied one!
And some of the symbol are bizarre – take a look! 
Why not just start carving them on a cave for the coming generations to decipher- that’s where they belong!

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