In December 1978, China initiated the Reform and Opening-up Policy, and embarked on a path of rejuvenation with Chinese characteristics. Eager to know about the world and be known by the world, the Chinese people are driven by an unprecedented passion. Thinking, striving and aspiring for a brighter future, they devoted themselves to a great social transformation. With rapid economic development, great changes have taken place in the Chinese society. Some unforgettable life pictures often bring back beautiful memories about the passionate decades.

This photo exhibition has no listing of China’s landmark events or symbolic moments in the past years. Rather, it gives out plain changes in people’s daily lives such as clothing, housing, food, transportation, entertainment and environment. By reading into ordinary people’s expressions and body language, as well as looking at simple family albums, you will perceive the progress in the Chinese society with people’s lives. These images, imbued with Chinese people’s life dreams and emotional memories, may facilitate a better understanding of China.

Past dreams have turned into beautiful memories. In turn, beautiful memories continue to inspire new dreams. Today, the Chinese people stand again at a new starting point in history. The dreams of over one billion Chinese people have converged into a great ‘Chinese Dream’ of national renewal through deepening the reform and opening-up.

Where: Mumbai

What: Photography Exhibition – Life & Dreams in China 
                                                   Past and the Present
The insider: Don’t miss it- The preview- Amazing! 
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