A representation of the modern Indian bride, Manish Arora unveiled his latest – Indian by Manish Arora Festive 2015-16 collection at the Embassy of France over an evening hosted by H.E. Mr François Richier, Ambassador of France to India.
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Manish Arora envisioned the modern Indian bride who decides to go globetrotting. Renouncing everything that is mundane, she picks up her scarves, glittery backpacks, shimmery skull bags and set out on a journey. The collection was created and curated as a meticulous travel plan for her.
 The designer with the host -H.E. Mr François Richier

Manish speaks about his neb-bridal look! ‘Through the course of her journey, the bride is stunned by the intricate mirror work in the courts of Golestan palace in Iran. In Africa her senses are illumined when she stumbles upon exquisite Ethiopian beadwork. In the Topkapi palace’s Ottoman architecture she gets a glimpse of the sacred while in Europe she is enchanted by the eerie beauty of the Kosovo brides. She parties hard in her denim lehnga in America and makes offerings at the most beautiful temple she has ever seen in exotic Bali. Witnessing a magnificent opera performance in China she makes her way back into India where she rediscovers her own roots.”

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