By Sakshi Tomar   
There many ways by which we generally choose to style our cupboards. For example keeping them under categories of formal, casual, colour scheme, size and predominantly seasons. But most of our styling depends on essentially the kind of people that we are which is also subject to change depending especially on our moods and sometime people consider what ideally is just a number, age.Having said that, since we are hollering out to the chills, we wish to bring you an exciting take on how you can still keep a little bit of summer this winter! The jackets, the tweeds, the warm embrace of furs preferably faux during a chilly sunny afternoon, just the thought of it brings out a sigh and yet we somehow find it hard to just yet bid adieu to the selection of clothes that we have handpicked for ourselves over the summer.
It’s not just that thought alone, somehow the appeal lies in the most notorious manner, to exemplify, especially when we are consciously aware that we have to move away from that old choice to a new one suddenly that two year old cropped top stashed in the corner of the almirah would start calling out to you like the most prized possession that you may have hacked until today and as the victim you feel that will now have to succumb to the separation! Well, don’t loose hope just yet , because The Insider has arrived, with some great ideas where you can incorporate some of your favourite pieces from the summer hangover, this winter!

          Layer Up  
My personal favourite are Blazers. The quintessential layering comes from putting on a blazer on top of just about any piece of clothing. So only because the winter is upon us, it doesn’t mean you have to stash away those florals and cottons. Layer these up with a plain jacket or blazer to add some fun into your winter wardrobe.

Clever combos 
Pantsuits or skirts can be put together with a zany denim jacket which can add a little bit of casual ness to a formal pair. Pair this ensemble with some high boots and you have yourself a nice, cozy, yet stylish wintery look! 
Turtleneck Tricks 
Invest in a high-quality turtleneck or two. Keep the colours solid and neutral. Opt for blacks, browns, beiges and greys. You can work a turtleneck in brilliant ways with almost any kind of summer apparel and give it a wintery look. Turtlenecks with shift dresses or skirts instantly add a dash of oomph to your outfit.
Dress up
 One can almost never let go of the idea of short dresses regardless of the chill or heat in the air. So a knee length dress perhaps dark hues that look great during winters, one can put on a warm loosely knitted woollen wrapFor a body con dress one can team it up with a slightly well fitted cardigan. Or preferably a brown faux fur jacket to be worn on top of this bright orange. image1.JPGIf you prefer to step out in the evening in the soft chill and wish to pick out the clean cut peachy little number then team it up with a white blazer. Or the classic white on white can bring us the greatest pleasures of all time. 
If there was an option, I could write this in Gold! Gold in itself is so much glamour, tricky yet one can almost never go wrong with it if that is included into an outfit. So if you are popping out for lunch in a slender orange drape dress with a short bomber jacket, you can throw on a long neck piece, rose gold or if you are stepping out in shimmer black jacket, white shirt, skinny black pants with 

high heels for an evening out, allow for a gold watch to fall around that wrist and fall in love with yourself!

Inputs by: Anuj Lalwani, Creative Stylist,

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