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So, I was at the Junglee Billee Sundowner – to sample the latest menu unveiled by the quirky-chic place at G.K. Here’s the reason why you need to get your behinds to this joint this V day- the Food!! Enough said: Keep your eyes peeled!

A lowdown of what you’ll gorge on in the latest platter!
Mumbai in Delhi 
Yes! You read it right. Pawan Bisht, head chef at Junglee Billee, affirmed that its new barbeque sundowner menu was inspired from flavours of Mumbai. The Insider caught up with the master artist!
  • What is so special about the Barbeque sun downer menu at Junglee Billee?

Junglee Billee brings you the newest method of barbequeing for the first time in city, which uses lava stone for grilling the food which is based on high heat, less time·   
  •  Is it only the preparation method which makes this menu special?

Well, there’s more. We spent two months in Mumbai, Gujarat and various parts of Maharasthra to decide on the flavors from Gujarati and Maharashtri cuisines for the menu.( plus there’s a sumptuous vegetarian stuff too) 
  •    Still need more reasons to down the Sun(nice coinage-what say?)  at Junglee Billee

The three story restaurant with bar on the ground floor, café styled lounge on the  second and roof top barbeque can make anyone want to visit the place time and again. Pictures of actresses all over the place signify the Mumbai factor of the place and strength of women in our country.                                                                                       

Oh ya, one last thing-  Down the menu with a  mulled wine! Won’t you?
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