Indian street rapper, Divine’s second single, ‘Jungli Sher’ is out on Sony Music with this release, Divine becomes 1st Indian artist to launch his music video worldwide by Apple Music. What’s more- Jungli Sher video was completely shot on iPhone 6S.

Divine in action!
The Insider caught up with the self made musician.

How did you journey in music begin? 
I was in 8thgrade when I first heard a rap song and started rapping when I was in the second year of college. I was really impressed by it and how the rapper had put so many words in one song. It’s an art to say so many words in just three minutes.  That’s was made me write. I realized that I could do this in Hindi, but I didn’t have anyone to guide me then. Rap was at a nascent stage at that time and there were no rappers around and no rap jams. Once I looked up on the internet for Indian rappers and found a thread that made me realize that the rappers in our country had to battle from city to city to showcase their talent. That’s when I got inspired and started listening to real music, real hip hop. My new song Jungli Sher is a mix of Eng and Hindi- my entire concept is to rap in Hinglish as everyone gets it from rickshaw guys to hawkers, everyone understand basic English. I take inspiration from things around me. Lyrics of Jungli Sher is about me or the people around me, I wrote this song thinking about that. I have spoken about my area, my city and now I have to establish myself. 

Who were your influences?
I was influenced by a lot of people. Legends like NAS (Nasir Jones) Tupac, Bob Marley, they sang with their hearts and not their minds. I learnt to stay true to my craft, even if it meant having to go down with it.
Where do you plan on going from here in music?
There’s a lot to achieve. This is just the beginning. I want to learn constantly and I know that I will always stay true to myself and my songs will always be about something I believe in and that is what I aim to do even in the future.
Do your friends/ neighbours kids get inspired or see you as a onetime wonder?
I have been living in JB Nagar, Mumbai for years now and they have seen me grow. I have roamed in the lanes here with my friends. My friends are my strength. Like your crew who surround you instantly when you get into a fight. You can do anything for. They all love me. When I received an invitation from BBC Asian Network to perform in UK, my entire naka wanted me to keep the passport in the bank so that I don’t lose it. We are like a family. I grew up here.

Has Bollywood approached you yet?
There are a few things in the pipeline.
Tips to budding music artists?
Just believe in yourself and stay true to your roots. Don’t let anything bring you down. Learn from your past and improvise.

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