Emraan Hashmi’s: The Kiss of Life….. Book Launch in Delhi
Aakriti Sharma
Emraan Hashmi’s book- The Kiss of Life, How a Superhero and my son Defeated Cancer, was launched in New Delhi at the India Islamic Cultural Centre, on the evening of 7thApril with Arvind Kejriwal, CM  of Delhi,  Bilal Siddiqi, co- author of the book and Emraan Hashmi himself.

The book has been published by Penguin books India and Blue Salt as co publishers. It is about Emraan’s son Ayaan who fought cancer at the age of 4 years and how that changed Emraan as a person. To make the book more engaging and appealing,  it also talks about Emraan’s life as a beginner in the industry and his story as a struggler. To know the role of “superhero” in the book, Emraan suggested that everyone reads the book to find that out, during the launch.

Mr. Kejriwal congratulated Emraan and Bilal on the book and also for the well being of Emraan’s son now. He wished to meet Ayaan, who he called “a bigger superstar than his father”. Further talking about the disease, CM said that its government’s responsibility to invest in public sector so that the people who cannot get this costly treatment, should be able to get it. He also mentioned that a ray of hope is necessary in every situation and can do wonders for the cancer patients.
Bilal Siddiqi, co author of the book thanked everyone and specially Hussain Zaedi who made him meet Emraan and encouraged to write it for him. He talked about his experience working with Emraan and how he is nothing less than a superhero too.

Emraan talked about the time when his son was suspected to have had cancer, how the confirmation of this bad news was so hard for him and his wife Parveen; and about how their life suddenly came down to their son’s survival. He himself did a lot of research on the treatment to ensure that the disease doesn’t come back. He researched on holistic medications which help in preventing the disease from coming back. He believes his wife still needs counseling to come out of the fear of disease but at the same time he admired his wife to be really strong who handled the situation and their son in best possible ways, when he was away for work. 
He also mentioned that how his four years old son taught him things, no one else could. “Ayaan’s enthusiasm and energy never made us feel that he is suffering from a disease like cancer.” His stubbornness to run in a race after the treatment was over, made me learn that even “if you fall hard, get up stronger”, he made me proud with his will power and energy.
Emraan aims to inspire people and especially those suffering from cancer and also their families, to convey, cancer doesn’t always mean death. He believes that “ignorance can be bliss” in such situations, that is what helped his son during all this time.

With this one hour long discussion, the launch came to an end and Emraan signed the Kiss of Life for the huge crowd gathered there! Happy Reading
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