So, I was recently invited to a Summer-spread workshop at Tastesutra, a healthy collaboration between Chef in a Box  and Whisk a Wish! !
The idea was to try out handpicked, fresh and most importantly, healthy variants of Summer drinks salads and sweet nothings! 
Have a look at the venue first!
Gayatri Iyer- Chef In A Box, holding Fort/Forth(both)
Art Deco stuff at Tastesutra or what? Eh’ 
Short of time, I stayed for preparing a summer cooler- Bel Sharbat with jaggery molasses, mint and Ramdana laddoo seasoning (Brilliant touch I say!!)  Cous Cous salad in vinaigrette( added  tamarind and date reduction) dressing  and two desserts! 
The first one was a vegan version of a chocolate mousse and the second was an ice-cream minus the cream! Enough for me to learn at least five things real quick! 
Take a lick!! 
1. Healthy option to white/brown sugar is jaggery molasses, that you can make at home by heating gud on slow fire!
Bel Sharbat with Mint and jaggery
2. The Ramdana Laddoo which for the most part I find bland, is not only healthy but does add flavour, texture and look to the final product!
The crunchy ramdana laddoo sprinkling!
3.  Yes there does exist a fat-free, sugar-free, no dairy,  DELICIOUS vegan mousse!! Presenting: Tanya Gupta’s Whisk A Wish  special!!The ingredients? Avocado, Maple syrup, melted chocolate and soy milk!

Fraternal Twin Mousse!
4. Frozen banana (preferably overnight) and blended in the morning is the answer of a cream free ‘Nice-Cream’! Mango pulp too! No cream , no sugar( replace it by maple syrup) 
Tanya Gupta of Whisk a Wish– A health baker!!
5.  Cooking is best done together! 
Tastesutra has this amazing concept of workshops that are hands on and cooking is a shared activity! Loved it! Try it! 
Chef in a box- USP?
So put on your chef’s toque and say vegan cheese! 

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