No, this is not another rant against the celeb style or of our heroes having feet of clay. It’s a statement of truth- time to face the mirror for some of the most horrific sartorial displays and that too in #Madrid for the #IIFA’16!
Take your pick of the worst!
I get that it’s not about clothes all the time and beauty is skin deep- but hey! cut us some slack here- its’s an event where celebs who are trend setters flaunt the best they’ve got! Plus everyone has a bad day- but certainly not all together!! 
Take your pick of the worst!
Find 100 mistakes in this pic!

  • Oversized white jacket hiding the Tiger!
  • The braids not doing you any good Sona..and the dress too actually..
  • PC- What happened? Having an off day?
  • It isn’t time for the umpteenth marathon yet Farhan
  • Sallu -be human not an ET!
  • Shahid we loved you in Udta but a Bandi? Like really!
  • Deepika red is so passé!

Presenting that 70’s show!

Done to death Parveen Babi look! 

This one takes the cake!
No this isn’t your Wedding gala Part two!
Sonakshi change your hairdresser NOW!
Disclaimer! This is my take on the style quotient, or the lack of it, at IIFA’16- This is not ‘Body shaming’ because there’s such a thing as being aesthetic especially in the glamour world- get the difference?

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