22 June was the D date set for the unveiling of the ‘new and improved’ Exclusively.com. The brand re-invented itself with a multi-channel fashion eco system. What with a four-pronged attack with a swish website, Android and apple app, shoppable E-magazine and Exclusively Edit-the magazine!
The idea I could gather is to cater to a much more savvy online consumer- did you know that an average online global consumer sounds about four to four and a half hours, on the website!
Phew! Now that does demand reinventing, innovating and updating one’s online presence. 
So the website has a ‘Mall’ish feel, where you can browse through the segments – Designer, Luxury and premium brands. You can play with your look with My floor – personalise picking, sorting matching and then selecting a look! (This is currently only available on the app) A personalised experience for luxury brand that existed earlier to is repackaged and sent at your phone step! 

Exclusively.com’s Three Tier Approach 
I asked Amit Maheshwari, C.E.O Exclusively.com, if introducing a three tier structure of products up on sale, was step down from the ‘exclusive’ quotient of the website, especially with the recent coming on board of Snapdeal. His response, ‘It is to cater to a  wider spectrum of customers within the luxury and exclusive market. We have a dedicated set of customer base, and we are looking at consolidating and expanding it. Say for a person like me, who wants to see a variety and a broad range of brands, I would like to browse through range of curated products and then make a decision’
When asked about delivery and service to tier 2 and tier 3 cities, Maheshwari remarked that the back-end and front office is being strengthened, and in so far as alterations in clothing etc. is concerned, designer wear is made to order. So no worries there.
The 10 step approach 
It remains to be seen what ripple effect of the brand’s revamping and the multi-pronged approach will have on the consumer market- I am also waiting as much as you-I suppose we’ll know soon- Watch this space!
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