Yes, the India Couture Week 2016 is here and yes the social media (including us) is going berserk! You have another three days to bear with fashion overload! 
The Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi, saw Delihites scurrying for passes and ODing on live reporting the event with low res, less mega pixel cameras! (Please avoid!) 
Manish Malhotra The Persian Story

In the opening act of the ICW’16!  Manish Malhotra unveiled the ‘The Persian Story’! Here are 5 things the The Insider loved about MM!

Craft Revival

So this is not new to Manish Malhotra- he focussed on this in his previous Elements and The Regal Threads collections too. In the Persian Story, it is one on another level! With embroidery the leitmotif- velvets and silks came alive this time around!

A Persian Saga
Manish is inspired by the architecture of Persia, blooming paradise of fauna and flora, and fearless royals that ruled their vast kingdoms. Indulgent hand-woven gold embroidery adorn sheer and velvet fabrics, in lehengas with sheer tops!

Something for Men! 
In its 50 limited edition pieces, there is  smattering of opulent velvet jackets over cigarette trousers, exquisite gowns and regal sherwanis. There’s enough for men this time around!

                        Take your pick- Simple to the Regal! 

Colour Easel 
The colour palette is rich and swathed in deep shades of maroon, emerald green and azure blue. 

Polki Season! 
This season, the traditional dupatta is reimagined for the confident, modern woman. Breathtaking jewellery with uncut polki diamonds and pearls by Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang added to the mystic aura. Check out the designs!!

In a contemporary version of a Persian folktale,  stunning Deepika Padukone looked in a resplendent red velvet lehenga that featured a beautiful, seemingly never-ending trail, walking the runway. The lehenga showcased the fine work of craftsmen of yore and was completely embroidered in vintage badla work.

Fawad Khan!- Finally…Who better than Fawad Khan to represent a #Persian Story. Right? 

The closing of the Opening of India Couture Week 2016 couldn’t have been better!What say?

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