There’s a new kid on the block, literally – he’s 18!!
The Before and After stage pic 

Niyogi books has come out with ‘Cheat It All’ by Vedant Bahri- one stop read for your healthy eating! (Aside- A true Foodie, Vedant tried making the Dutch Apple Cake that he saw on a TV  show in grade 6!!)

Who said veggies are ugh!?? Read the book for many such tried and tested recipes also celeb fitness facts and hacks!!
No prizes for guessing the olives right- What are the other delicacies? Anyone…?
Some other gastronomical delights at the do- Salads with dips  Almond Milk, Thandai Shots, Fruit and herb infused water, Pita with Mango salsa, Lavash with a variety of Hummus, assorted cheese and olives with pesto dip to name a few.
Oh! Did we tell you there was none other than ace clinical nutritionist- Ishi Khosla, in conversation with the young author to discuss all things health!
Dig her chunky silver, stone and saree- combo!
Vedant, guess what… started writing his own food blog at age 14!! 
Want to know more about ‘Cheat It All’ – well, read the book for starters- but hey! Priya Roongta– The Insider’s Fitness and nutrition rockstar (ACE (CPT),Rehab Master Trainer, Barefoot Specialist,Pilates Mat Teacher) chatted with the author over  gorgeous Almond milk Thandai Shots!! (Vedant’s recipe btw!)
A Healthy chat!! 
Lets’ face it, you are 18- I am sure people are curious as to, what do you know about health and stuff? And writing a cookbook that too?
My credibility is based on the fact that all the recipes are tried and tested couple of times by me and made to a healthier option before compiling it in the book. The recipes in this book are all healthy as compared to the usual ones. Took a lot of celebrity inputs too since I am a HUGE Bollywood fan. It’s for young adults who love to eat and don’t know what is healthy.
What’s your own personal fitness routine like?
I take part in Boot camps, functional training, I go to the gym and do some amount of weight training too.
Give us five Health Hacks!
·       Avoid sugar
·       Eat more protein
·       Increase fibre in your diet
·       Eat baked instead of fried
·       Drink black coffee
A complete NO NO where food is concerned:
·       Don’t skip breakfast.
·       Avoid desserts
Who is your inspiration?
Jamie Oliver (for the uninitiated – a British Celebrity chef)
Shah Rukh Khan
Manish Mehrotra (A.K.A Indian celebrity chef)
Your favourite recipe from this book.
·       Classic cheese cake
·       Amaranth pudding 
Healthy and tasty food in Delhi- is it possible?
Yes! I recommend Subway Sandwiches; they are healthy and tasty, besides being fresh.
Where do you see yourself 10 year from now?
I see myself as a Bollywood Star (no jokes) and a culinary entrepreneur with a Michelin star restaurant under my name. (Woo Hoo!) 
As Vedant heads out to Switzerland to be a part of the Prestigious Ecole Hotelier, Lausanne, we at The Insiderwish him all the best for everything that he does.

Cheat It All! 
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Available online & in stores across India
MRP – Rs. 795
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