I am not a fitness junkie( I say that in a nice way…), and neither am I a sports freak.. again spoken in a nice way…Sheesh! how politically correct does one have to be… 
Here’s what I think of my latest – Puma’s unisex slip-on sneaker!
Have a look!
That’s my colour- Perky or Pesky Pink- take your pick!
It’s a lightweight, rubber soul, mesh finish, jogger, cotton insides closed toe shoe! Phew! that’s an eyeful!
I needed it for basic treadmill run and brisk walk in the evenings and morns. Also, truth be told, I am travelling soon, so these came in at the right time! They fit me well and hug the feet from all sides- which works for me! Don’t go in for it if you are conditioned for the lace shoe or run with the slip-on, in constant danger of the shoe coming off… I’d say go for the regular stuff!

So, I reckon these are perfect for a jog, run-of-the-mill treadmill(ok PJ!), casual strolls in the hills(coming up!KLF16) and a walk in the park. If you’re looking for serious trainers… look elsewhere. This shoe is lightweight and has a snug fit, though not meant for heavy duty rock climbing or rappelling. Provides adequate cushion from surface shocks and has a comfortable sole( am guessing soul too!)More Importantly, chuck it into the washing machine, when grubby! Not happy? No worries, figure out your happy Puma feet online or off!    


Puma Galore! 

Have just started on the shoe- wish us luck! 

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