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Here’s what I enjoyed about The Green Snack Co. organised Cookout with Chef Megha.
Before that, some mandatory gyaan!
When you think of KALE & QUINOA , what comes to your mind? Yes, health food! Encashing in on the benefit of these 2 nutritively rich foods, “The Green Snack Co” offers the right snacking option of Kale Chips and Quinoa Puff for the health conscious population of our country. 
The Insider gets you a lowdown!

The How?
Kale chips are prepared through a unique process of dehydration that does not involve baking or frying, while Quinoa puffs are roasted, that keeps the nutrient value and raw goodness of the ingredients intact.
FYI: Kale is loaded with Vit A, Vit k Vit C besides being rich in  carcinogenic  fighting antioxidants.
Quinoa is a gluten free and high protein source. It’s one of the highest sources of vegetarian protein with 9 essential Amino acids.Both are high in fibre and great for weight loss.
The Insider’s take!
What really made me happy was the fact that the Kale and Quinoa are grown locally and packaged within the country. Talk about “MAKE IN INDIA”. The whole set up of the Armenian theme restaurant was colourful and lively…Wine along that kept rgetting refilled, added to our delight, methinks. 🙂
While speaking to Ms Divya Aggarwal (CMO & Partner The Green Snack Co), I could sense the passion and the dream behind this brand of healthy food! She comes from a strong background of food industry and she knows her business well.
Divya and moi
Ze Cookout 
Unique ingredients and wonderful presentation kept the evening interesting followed by a Cookout Session by Chef Megha of Lavaash. I tried my hand in some Chutney and Kale Wraps, Hummus kale wrap and kale cracker cocktail snack.
Chef Megha doing her thing as the Minar at the back looks on!
Chef Megha added that extra Zing to the packaged snack in a way one would not imagine!
Crushing it in dips and spreads, over prawns and chicken or stuffing it in eggplants and pizza dough.Keeping the Indian palate in mind she brought out the flavours and we kept asking for more! Plus, The rooftop with the Qutub Minar in the background made a perfect setting for a unique launch of this healthy snack.
Prawns with Quinoa and Chicken with Kale
An Array of Kale and Quinoa Fare!
Besides being available online through Big Basket the brand is also available in superstores like Foodhall, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Modern Bazaar, Hypercity to name a few.
‘The Green Snack Co.’ products are the ultimate snacking option that promise to deliver complete fulfilment to both – your fitness goals as well as your discerning palate!
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