So The Insider was invited to witness the Indian culinary avatar of the Norwegian Salmon(L silent please)-the common name of several of the species of the ray-finned fish, like the Trout or the Whitefish.

The event was to sensitise us bloggers of the difference between the Norwegian and the Indian variety of Salmon and of giving the Norwegian Salmon an Indian makeover. 

Spotted me?- Can’t complain about the seat! 
The Ingredients spread

Organised by Foodhall India and the Norwegian Seafood Council for India, the Masterclass included a hands-on live demo of the transformation of this fresh, wild caught Salmon into a spicy Indian version. Yeah! Think  the Tikka to ..the spicy-pungent Amritsari version!  In an interactive Wokshop, Yogi Shergill, Vice Counsel, Royal Norwegian Consulate gave insights into the nuances of negotiating cooking the Salmon, knowing when its cooked, flavours that go along with and also of the major differences between the Indian Salmon and the Norwegian variety. 
Sitting next to the Norwegian ambassador to India HE. Nils Ragnar Kamsvag, I got a bird’s eye view of the cooking experimentations- and I dare say that the Salmon took to to the experimentation like fish to water. 

Yogi Shergill, Vice Counsel, Royal Norwegian Consulate and GM Foodhall  India                     
                                                                  Amritsari Tawa Salmon
       Smoked Salmon with rice salad

        Salmon Kebab with coriander yogurt

Foodhall’s in-house chefs took centre stage, working their magic on her royal redness- the Salmon I mean. The spoils were obviously passed on for everyone to devour but not before subjecting the dish to a marathon clicking, instagramming and selfie-with-the-fish sessions. Me included!

Bon Appetit – Norwegian ambassador to India HE. Nils Ragnar Kamsvag and moi!

I am picky about the Bloggers’ Meets The Insider attends as sometimes, the random and unifomred questions of overnight bloggers makes the evening unpalatable – but I am glad I went for this one as everyone contributed in making the evening an organic infotainment! Plus the Salmon tasted great! What’s next?An Indian Sashimi … anyone ? 

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