Fashion, Food and Style, that’s what’s cooking in Shvetha Jaishankar’s (I’d call it a lifestyle alteration) maiden cookery book, Gorgeous, Harper Collins, India. 
This is not the first time someone from the glam industry has collated her culinary experiences. Internationally, Chrissy Teigen, Robyn Lawley and Sophie Dahl, have reposed our faith in models being more than the erroneous notoriety of bulimia and anorexia that they have earned!  International top models turned health’y’ food (not necessarily gluten-free, Carbohydrates substitutes advocating) chefs have successfully mitigated the stereotype ridden modelling and fashion industry.
Closer home, there’s Padma Lakshmi (Some Indian connection at least) and Maria Goretti! Its an interesting combination of beauty and food- a rare one in the fashion industry where tummies have to be tucked in before a bikini shoot, or better still, one survives on orange juice shots before shots! Size zero may have come and gone, but, models (Why only them, everyone in the age of Instagram) have to watch what they eat Indulgence then is a strict no-no!
Well not in this book! Shvetha has achieved a coup of sorts with inclusion of recipes that are moderate indulgences- like the Textured Lasgne Treat! The book is interspersed with Shvetha’s food memories, modelling experiences and food-on-the-go reveries. She personalises the experience for the reader and gives easy to make, cookery hacks and substitutes too. 
The book is a healthy 150+ page tome where along with Chia, Quinoa, belacan, avocado, Dijon mustard, figs et el, coexist the mutton, chicken, crabs, cream (low fat of course)! She has also skilfully woven model recipes (pun intended) garnered from time tested kitchens of famous glitterati- Madhu Sapre, Nina Manuel, Priyanka Chopra, Malaika Khan and the Man-God, Milind Soman to name a few. This is one of the strengths of the book and USP in marketing terminology! There are questions on managing high-stress portfolios, walking the ramp in A shape and negotiating pregnancy weight effectively!
For a gourmand, the book is visually appetizing with the photo shoots done aesthetically and can be called atmospheric fashionable food photography. The epicurean in you will be delighted to savour the artful recipe sections -Breakfast, Main Course, Sweet Treats, Salads, Soups and interestingly also includes a section to satiate nagging hunger pangs- ‘Nibbles’ amongst others! The best in the book is saved for the last… no, not sweet-nothings but a diet plan that the writer worked out along with a nutritionist that includes recipes from the book- offering a ready reckoner of the best culinary concoctions on your plate and palate!
Pick up the book if you are experimental with what’s on your plate and relish eclectic cuisines. Read the book, if not for anything but for the food fare of celebrities and their non-diet hacks! Don’t forget to add your own flavor to your gastronomic gourmet!   
Eat Well, Look Good
Shvetha Jaishankar
Harper Collins 

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