The Insider’s Priya Roongta, was there to see what the hoopla around the new store launch of I Say Organic South Point Mall, Golf Course Road in Gurgaon.

Blogging about my most loved hobby “FOOD” couldn’t have been better when HEALTH was added to it.

Organic is how Mother Nature intended our Food to be…so going back to basics yet in a very innovative and trendy way, ‘I SAY ORGANIC’  has managed to get to your door step a host of fresh produce, grains, spices, condiments, oils, sauces, snacks, pickles, jams besides others.
‘I Say Organic’ has an in-house sourcing team and they procure their vast collection of products without losing their nutritive value.Seasonal leafy vegetables are sourced from the local farmers, where as fruits and non perishables are sourced from Maharashtra, Kerala, Orissa, UP, Punjab and Haryana. The team of farmers the brand has partnered with first delivers the produce every morning, this produce is further manually sorted and cleaned by skilled labor and then delivered to the customers on the same day the order is placed making it convenient and consumer friendly.

In a matter of 5 years this brand has managed to establish a network of over 100 farmers providing 200 products!!The brand directly links the farmers to their customers making organic produce affordable to everyone.
At the launch, the DIY was so much fun, making a personalised bottle of ‘Beetroot Kanji’– A seasonal beverage great for the gut and the digestive system. Their only store in Gurgaon is a must visit for all your daily needs -fresh and non perishable…you’ll be coming out wanting more. A major component of organic farming is the use of sustainable farming practices and the brand ensures this by stringent farmer selection and ethical practices. The brand directly links the farmers to their customers making organic produce affordable to everyone. By offering products in multiple categories, I Say Organic envisions to be the most trusted and largest Indian brand for organic produce. I say Amen! 

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