As a working woman (is there such a thing as a working man’s issues? No right?), our issues concern me deeply and are unfortunately here to stay! Patriarchy and misogyny coupled with an unsupportive work eco-system make it a doubly hard for women to shine, stay safe and work just as any other person! 

When Swati met Sairee!(Couldn’t resist that!)
I was recently at the SHEROES Summit 2017, Delhi, India’s largest forum for women professionals that deliberates upon potential and alternative work opportunities for aspirational women- spread across a day. 
Here are my top takeaways from a day well spent! Also read on to my chat with Sairee Chahal, Founder & CEO, SHEROES as I ask some probing questions! If you are a working woman, you need to read this!
Tech Future!
Technology ensures a sustainable work-life balance for women who are unable to be a part of a full-time organization as well as for those relying on self-employment. Case in point, me! Cashing in on this Sheroes has built an app that reaches out to women in distress and also a programme called MARS where support, mentorship and networking form the base of a progressive #FutureOfWork for women! 
Remote Working!
The concept of remote working has grown exponentially and how! I meet Flexi moms all the time especially in our Army fraternity. Employers have also begun value the contribution of remote and flexi work owing to Cost to company benefit, also it is definitely a win-win situation. 
Keep the conversation Going!
We may not be all there yet, but chatter on women’s issues must go on! Sometimes, all you need is a kindred spirit and helping hand and a compassionate ear. So community and the Circle of trust that Sheroes Summit heard a lot of makes complete sense to me. So join in! Have a look at mine on Twitter around the working women’s issues chat!
MARS Manage Remote Solutions- for women in remote locations or joined workforce after a break , who work from home! For #ArmyWives a must!
— swati (@RaiSwatiRai) July 11, 2017

Abhinav taking the audience through the Circke of support – core philosophy of @SHEROESIndia – making collaboration a reality!
— swati (@RaiSwatiRai) July 11, 2017
#FutureofWork is Logic with Technology!
Not my coinage but Faisal I. Farooqui’s,  interesting take on the panel discussion on #FutureofWork! Also agree whole heartedly with Priya Krishnan CEO Founding Years Learning Solutions, when she said that being a career woman and having  a family are not antithetical forces! Oh yeah!
L to R)Priya Krishnan,CEO,Founding Years Learning Solutions;Emilie Moulard,MD Medela India; Faisal Farooqui,CEO,; Mishi Choudhary, Founder,Software Freedom Law Centre;Vinati Kastia, Partner AZB and Partners & Sairee Chahal, Founder & CEO SHEROES

Going Live now!
Networking Ahoy!
No man or a woman is an island unto self! Period! Networking, exchanging notes, staying connected and exchanging experiences and reaching out to fellow women workers is the way forward for sure! Therefore a packed hall at the Sheroes Summit where interesting stories were being exchanged an also Hi-Five’s!Thanks to the ebullient emcee of the day!On the sidelines of the summit- I caught up with Sairee Chahal, Founder & CEO Sheroes- Excerpts:
Me: So this talk of women’s safety, security and sustainability of work is more in the corporate world- where shocks are insulated? what’s your take?
Sairee: Yes and no! There’s a lot of new addition SHEROES which is supported by an ecosystem of 300 partners and over 15000 companies. The new helpline and apps and programmes are to empower the grassroots worker as well …SHE, SEW(Support Every Woman) MARS and AskSHEROES  are some social products that that augment deep tech changing the gender parity numbers! Plus you can reach out anytime!
Me: Do you think this need to look fr support outside the familial precincts is growing because of the breakdown of the familial system?
Sairee: I think so and the more alone we are the more support we seek. 
Me: Do you think there can be a forced sensitisation towards working women’s issues?
Sairee: No I think if a long lasting, effective change has o be brought in the work ethos and space, it has to be organic and broad based. I feel technology and a continued dialogue about the working women’s space is the future!

Keep the conversation going ladies! 

The Summit will travel to Mumbai (15th July), Bengaluru (29th July), Kolkata (5th August) and Chennai (19th August).
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