Most sports stars are that, stars, on and off the field. Especially now, when Instagram filters don’t let you have a bad hair day! Though the stipulated protocol of dressing has to be adhered to on the field ,  we’ve still seen Tennis power women turning out at the court, in no less than high fashion dresses – think lace and denims! Who could miss Sharapova’s sharp tuxedo styled white number or senior William sister’s pleated Nike shift dress. Within the bounds of a dress specification, a lot can be done! 
From then to Now!
Golf is perhaps the second most stylish game, after Tennis (a personal opinion). Golf  fashion and its charm has a fascinating recorded history to it. From the bustles, crinolines and constricting petticoats  of the Victorian age to the more refined yet largely street wear flavour later on to the trousers a.k.a slacks worn by women in the 30’s- Golf fashion pushed the boundary of rules, staying fashionably within it! 
Cut to the present when I recently attended a Golf and club wear  high fashion unveiling. The designer Christine Storm a recording artist from the US and I got chatting about exclusivity and elitism of Golf and interpretation of fashion on the Golf turf within the necessary protocols.  The collection comprised her signature Golf & resort line consisting of dresses, trousers, shirts in varied colors and cuts. ‘I believe women golfers can be chic and athletic at the same time’  Agreed, looking and feeling good go hand in hand. ‘We use the best sports suitable fabric to help the player do so’. Storm agrees that protocols in dressing should be adhered to and hence married fashion fanciness with club correctness . 
Golfing Right 
Her couture inspired golf clothes are transitional- to flow into the night post a field workout!  This course to the club just with a change of the shoe! ‘While watching golfers on the course I began to imagine lines on the body that might be put there from a high-end designer or costumer that would allow someone to look  while still effortlessly swinging the club, freeing them from the boxy, unflattering attire!’ Have a read of an a sample of Golf’s charm from a poem culled out of an anthology of eulogies on Golfing divas’ drives- The Golf Girl by Samuel Minturn Peck. 

Golf can surely do wonders I say :)! Look out for Christine’s collection creating a storm at a Pro shop and at high-end boutiques near you!

The designer’s Sign!
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