Fashionably bustling days of FDCI 30th edition of Amazon India Fashion Week, in association with Nexa Spring/Summer’18, recently came to a resounding close in the capital.We were there to witness fashion on the ramp and off it too. 

While the best #Sreetstyle was amply amplified on social media, the overreaching of one’s fashionable self, was skipped by these style spies. Some glaring fashion OTTs and some complete misses, make it to The Insider’s top 5! No we’re not fashion experts, but know what’s trying too hard, when we see it! Have a read of our ‘Off the ramp’ top picks and agree/disagree at will… also add to the list!
OTT much?
We have seen the street style features upping the fashion game amongst the audience, with accessories ruling the roost. However, accessorising too much is a thing, right? Give that chunky stifling neckpiece an omit if you have got some stunning ear stuff happening! 
Layering of Layers
There is such a thing as too many layers fahsionistas- even sedimentary rocks know that! Great you’ve got a shrug/cape/dusters on, but don’t  for god’s sake, don’t do an overkill! Wear one out of these. Oh yeah, you’d be surprised, if you were us! The ‘swag’ word is so overrated.
Kitschy can be a compound.. not a mixture
No, don’t go about mixing, textures, fabrics, patterns and designs- for the sake of it- it’s an outfit, not a cocktail. 
Trendy much?
Distressed jeans -oh yeah, but distressed while wearing those and looking ill at ease- a no no! Following a trend mandates owning it. So be yourself! 
Saree Swag 
Boho-ethnic is in, we get it. But wearing sneakers with knee high sarees ..ok, even ankle high drapes, is just plain wannabe…we get that too! Avoid!
At the end of the day the fashion week is more than just selfies and self love! Peace out!
For The #InsiderViews from the Ramp shows that stood out follow the feed, if you haven’t already!
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#TheInsiderviews #ItsaWrap @thefdci @amazonfashionin -Welcome to @shivanandnarresh’s fashionable boudoir replete with The Japanese photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki’s inspirational provocative imagery. #Arakitales. Lush botanical prints boasting of forest sights, lined with vibrant flora on Italian Crepe Jersey and thick knits. Skein motifs flirting with crystals lend a new dimension to the abstraction. Hop across then to closer home, in @anjumodi’s #swadeshi movement inspired hand looms. The raw, rugged coarse cloth that the charkha churned out is the organic palette that the designer brings forth. Move over then to the Victorian menagerie of @charu_parashar_official- Victorian glass house forms her inspiration and botanical motifs are a common thread. @solteebysulakshanamonga unearths traditional fabrics with a modern taste to serve to the comfort chic appetite of the fash frat. @_huemn saw the recollection of the socio-economic cocoon we inhabit, without passing judgment but making a statement. Fashion saw taking many turns with this season finale, especially with the #seenowbuynow Concept for instant fashionable gratification! . . . #season30 #nexa #fashion #AIFWSS18 #India #designs #Designer #fahsionblog #blogger #instapic #followforfollow #likeback #instalike #mensfashion #men #models #malemodels
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