If you have been following me on Facebook and insta and also on Twitter… well what can I say, it’s the age of social media travel- you’ll know that I  ( make that a ‘We’ as the family travelled) have just had an amazing holiday in the foothills of Aravalli ranges surrounded by the sunny Udaipur!
No Solo trip this!
Man made lakes of Fateh Sagar and Pichola, Swaroop Sagar, etc, make it an ideal getaway from smoggy Delhi to bask in the balmy sun shades of the quaint, historic royal city. Surrounded by hills on all sides, it’s a a valley of history, arts and crafts and of course mirchi vadas!
Armed with Tripadvisor’s advisory and Make my trip bookings – me, mum and my son headed off …leaving Delhi days far behind…. Or so we thought. Flight delayed by 4 hours! Parked at the IGI airport, cooling our heels and twiddling our thumbs- and thanking God for my foresight in carrying my Kindle!We did take off and land! Voila to our five-star abode that we had paid heavily for. Here’s what we did while travelling with disparate fellow travellers – I mean of interest, size and age! 
Heard of an Extra bed?
Just kidding, I know we all have! Always, always ask for an extra bed, rather than booking another room at that cost- pray no! First up – decide who gets to sleep where. This is crucial to a sound sleep and mind, which is equal to a sound body ready to take on the rigours of the next day’s travel.
Loo shoo
Fond of a loobri? Well I am – reading in the loo, but when travelling with family in a room, avoid imposing your habits on others! Also if you have a favourite bathing ritual or ablutions must-do’s- Well, best left at home. Remember you’re sharing space along with shampoos and sachets and hotel toiletries!  
Room with a view- Fateh Sagar Lake in Sight
Itinerary customized- oh yeah!
Great your favourite travel magazines have recommended you must see eat and do things.  Forget all that. Keep the interests of the kiddo- most likely to be museums and boating and mum- most certainly – shopping. Enroute the airport back home, identify the best places to pack local goodies for friends, neighbour’s, family, neighbour’s family etc. etc.…- as check-in luggage must-have. Scouting the streets of the bazaar, more than what you do at home is also a mandatory check in!
The City Palace Light and Sound Show is a Must see 
Hygiene first, second and third!
Hear yourself saying to the kid- ‘Wash your hands’, ‘Where’s your hankie?’, ‘Use the hand sanitizer’- On Loop! In the absence of snazzy eateries enroute forts and back of beyond places, be ready to eat at dhabas (local eateries) big and small. I love the food but not all are great!
Oh and last, know that the hotel room’s weighing scale will be used for? Weighing your travel bags back home, of course!
What are your tips? Travel safe!
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