A ristorante means an Italian restaurant, a bistro is an inexpensive eatery, a lounge bar is a ‘smarter and more comfortably furnished bar in a pub’; and  a resto bar is a restaurant that serves alcoholic drinks. Wait! I can explain this reference- many a times, these terms are used interchangeably, shamelessly to imply something else, and that results in customer dissatisfaction! So there, once the nomenclature is out of the way…let’s get down to the brass tacks of my recent visit (upon the property’s invite) to Lit – a new restaurant and lounge bar a.k.a resto-bar that opened its gates this yearish at G.K 2, Masjid Moth, New Delhi.
As I enter, the manager informs me of the ‘young’ vibe of the place and that at night they remove the seating, if need be, for dance and how ‘the upper age limit to enter here is 30′. Hmm… really? ‘Do you also ask for their aadhar cards?’ I check…  
Anyway, the impression that I get of the place is that of it being a swish one with a spanking new bar and an upstairs facility to seat people. Rather dingily lit, seeing me squinting my eyes, the manager offers to light up Lit. Phew! Thanks!
The place I can say looks right for if looking to party your way through the weekend. But, what about the grub? Now, the what and how of what I sampled. Especially the cocktails array, that the property prides itself on. 
When I met Dr. No!
Yes to Dr. No!
Dr. No (Bombay Sapphire, sweet vermouth, berry and egg white) formed my chosen poison. James Bond inspired concoctions are quite a few and I stirred and shook mine as I sipped and swirled it(maybe the vermouth made me do that).  A hint of lime and the no albumin smell was the biggest high! They could add that bit on the lemon in the menu!What I missed -(Coz…hello had to go back home right?) Jack Sparrow,  Drunken Angel and so on….
Starting on the right note
It may not be cool to have a salad in a place like this but, yo, I am above 30! So the Quinoa Barley Salad- with a  pomegranate dressing, sprouts, white onion, red raddish, asparagus, edamame beans…formed my greens. Whoa!   a whole lot of things, also came replete with ornamentations on the top, sides and around- beautiful! Break the cocoon gingerly and the healthy freshness of the grains spills out. A perfect concoction I say, however, I don’t see too many people under 30 digging it. Do you? 🙂 
The mosambi slivers added to the zesty, tanginess
Being cheesy
Staying with starters, my next kill was Goat Cheese Balls with Beetroot puree and Apple jelly. So, if goat cheese is not your thang then avoid it, but if it is, go right ahead! Crisp on the outside and gooey from the inside, the saltiness offset by sweet flavours of the blood red grainy puree and the supple jelly cubes, cut to tiny perfections. 
Delicate balance of flavours- thumbs up!
Main Course yet?
No, I stayed with starters- control much? Panko-dusted tender fried chicken was next in line. So Panko, is the Japanese name for the light flaky bread crumbs used to coat a deep fried savoury or sweet dish. Usually goes very  with Asian cuisine. You could also sample Lit’s new take on some classics like Truffle Fries, Bacon doughnuts, you can choose from the array, who you go, next time.  
Sweet Nothings
Baked Chocolate Cheesecake came up slightly short on my expectations as it had a  distinct eggy smell and a grainy texture as against a smooth soufflé like consistency. All in all, a delectable afternoon, all by myself. The place it seems ,‘ fills up on weekends and evenings’ the manager informs me. 
Not sure what the topping is…any guesses?
If you’re looking at single cuisine culinary excellence, obviously not the right place, but if your aim is to have a good time with friends, or if you’re  looking for newer places to go to, want to try out multi cuisine delicacies,  and are great with food that fits your palette and pocket just about right then Lit it!
Would I go there again? Of course, and hope they’ve implemented my suggestions. Peace out! See you at another place! 
PS: The jarring spellings and the placement of the qualifying adjective- caught my eye and were duly relayed to the manager… doesn’t it flout your senses when you read something written wrongly especially something that you will be chewing, chomping, grinding on moments after you pronounce it?
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