What you just read is the exact kind of clickbait headline that you should be wary of, as a blogger. Very easy to be led by these ‘How to’, ‘tips and Tricks.. ‘, ‘5 ways to..’ so on and forth. Fresh out of the panel on travel blogging with ShethePeople TV, my mind’s abuzz with questions on addressing these very questions on what’s worked for me! 
So let’s go! Before that read my popular posts Hotel reviews, The Insider travel staples, and my take on family travel.

Find Your Voice!
In lifestyle blogging or in any other form of writing, you’ve got to know how your voice sounds.  I truly believe that nothing comes easy, not even your own voice. Mine it from the dungeons of stereotyping that you may have faced, the conditioning that you may have gone through and the layers of inertia that it is engulfed under! Your brand identity is your own uniqueness that you bring to the table. And trust me, homogeneity like anywhere else, doesn’t work here. So, you’ve written two blogs and given up, haven’t you? Well, I started about seven years ago, and still a long way to go  before I hang my typing!
Heritage and History 
 Saragarhi Gurudwara, Punjab.

Don’t go ‘yawn’… or you know what, go-ahead yawn. But if that’s what I’m interested in, that’s exactly what I’m going to be writing about. Your interests can vary from fluff to the serious stuff- like mine. Go ahead, document it in your blog, what you care deeply for, throw in the ‘all of you’ there,  because you will be called out for the superficial stuff. Sure, there will be times when you’re expected to carry listicles etc,  if you’re looking at professional blogging, however, don’t become despondent and throw in the towel. Keep steady, keep exploring because… somebody somewhere, is reading. Well you’re reading mine, aren’t you?

This is at the Anokhi museum of Fabrics in Jaipur
 Take Chances 
As a travel blogger, you will have ample opportunities to indulge in  Bhindi tourism a.k.a Instagram tourism (my christening). But, take your chances, take the road not taken, the off beat track, you never know what you may unearth. In Jaipur, after many an instagram posts, I stumbled upon, tucked away, upon an exit from tourist magnet, the Amer Fort, the museum shown above.  Sure, go click click there but, also try to unravel the background story- and yes, get your hands down and dirty in any activity that you carry on your blog-  I’ll have you know, that I did try my hand at some fine block printing!  
Food story
Tired of endless food porn stories on social media? And also creating content for greater traction…. well don’t be… this is part of your job. Keep at it… this, though, doesn’t imply, shoddy work on food research, knowledge of the ‘what’ you are gulping,  and some sort of a new or interesting fact about that particular region’s culinary history. This just lends a different flavour to all your food posts. 
Food forms an important part of any travel. Agree?
This is not an exhaustive post on how to make it big, because there’s no simple formula for that! Meanwhile, enjoy what you do and write about it! 
 Put on your seatbelt and let’s Go, and keep going!
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