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As a human, I am guessing you have many interests. Imagine, when your interest becomes your career! People, society and general research will insist on specialising in one core skill. However, no harm and I speak from personal experience, in nurturing and I would say, in protecting your interests from getting  engulfed by the not so higher motives of only making a quick buck. Not saying though that anything wrong in looking at that too, depending on what you want, entirely.
Here are some of the things that I believe in and perhaps, that’s what makes my portfolio career tick. Not saying these are set in stone or are exhaustive. Saying that this is what works for me and if it does for you too, do let me know please.
Identify interests
Writer, blogger, travel enthusiast and a language trainer- that’s me. I write on subjects ranging from food, fashion, heritage, history, the arts, professional skills and advice etc etc. Why should that sounds strange, or even out of place? My lesson is that if you have myriad interests, so be it. Each would feed into another and in fact these will enrich and develop other aspects of your personality… wait and watch. Remember to keep the domains separate, according to the project’s requirement. 
Upskill yourself
No age to learning and no learning too small. That’s all folks, read,  sign up on online courses, step out of the house, visit a library, add-on to your knowledge bank and not only tank up on information. Have an opinion on what you are reading and seeing and yes keep going!
No Opportunity too small
Don’t wait for that big break… Instead, work on honing and perfecting a seemingly slight opportunity, grabbing it with both hands and diving deep into it. Stop hankering after the one elusive milestone, instead make a 100 mt go a 1000 miles!
Circle of support
And yes and don’t forget to help and reach out to those who might just be starting their career. Lend a ear to them and perhaps also a shoulder to cry on… till they become a support system to a few more…
More power to all ye women and yes to men too! 
Do comment below with what is it that you’re doing and how do you make it a success. Cheers!
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