As I sat sampling the oriental delicacies at the dimly lit ‘Lounge-Bar’, a young, not underage couple, crouched near the corner at the entrance, sampling the The Velvet Room experience …I suppose, cursing me for ruining their solitude together. What a way to start, but start we must. 
I am guessing this is the clientele that fills the two storeyed  neighbourhood pub eyes over weekends I am told, by the eager to please, Revathi, person attending to my table. 

The Velvet Room has positioned itself on Dilli’s culinary map as a deluxe pub-next-door serving an Asian cuisine fare. Here’s what the spread looked like and also what I made if it!

Raising the Bar
My Basil syrup infused, albumin froth topped, Gin based cocktail  aptly titled- Sea Devil- reflected cerulean and pista green hues. The calming, soothing Basil that is just so, so right for summers, hit me awake, or was it the Gin! Not sure of the glass that a Gin cocktail is served in though… any clue? 

When asked if they don’t housed the regular cocktails, pat came the reply, ‘those are of course there but these are our own concoctions’! Oh okay, no wonder that I had heard of the Red Devil and not a green/ sea one! Cheers!

A Spinach and Black Bean Shaomai

A Sumai/Shumai or however else it’s written, is an open-mouthed dim sums/dumplings/momos- take your pick! Succulent and fresh aromas of freshly cut veggies wafted through the air, captured in my chopsticks downed in my gullet! The dips were however, how shall I say, lacked imagination and could have helped offset the deliberate bland palette of the Cantonese deliciousness.
Tamales- hiding its beauty inside

A Pan Asian journey with flavours originating from the diverse regions of Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Singapore- is what the property claims to house.
The Velvet Room gets its name from the technique of “velveting” in Asian Cuisine used for preserving the moisture and heat of vegetables and meat while cooking in addition to providing a soft and “velvety” texture to the food. 

Navratra Special? – Crispy Fried Vegetables-Crunch!

I stuck to vegetarian appetisers and main course but realised that the best way for the technique of velveting to be displayed , would perhaps be in the meats. Sigh! Too late a realisation, but the Gin aside, a vegetarian pub hopping is possible!

Braved a Pub experience during the fasting season
Taking a cue from the old school Asian decor, hues of red black and gold dominate the decadent setting.  A modern take on the ambience gives the restaurant its young appeal. The marriage of fusion of authentic styles of cooking with a 21st-century lounge experience is fast becoming a trend, all around. I sign off taking in the ochre, woody and earthy tones inside that takes a wee bit of time for the eyes to get used to if bringing them in from a sun kissed day! 
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