Pollution, dust, stress and crazy (read, an absence of) work-life balance- are just some of the things that make us want to hate our skin breakouts in summer. There was a time when we celebrated and cared for our skin without moving out of the kitchen, ie: with naturally available products such as turmeric, cream, lemon, to name a few. Hard pressed for time now, all that has also seen a full stop. So, when you hear of an organic range of beauty care and skin care products- coming out with a campaign on #CelebrateBathing, you disregard it as another live-today die-the-next-second, hashtag. That is, till you are transported to the germination of the idea and its careful nurturing amidst an organic farm that requires you to off-road a wee bit towards Gurgaon.

The Zen Beauty Range- from Ozone

At a time when there is a plethora of synthetic products flooding the beauty and skin care market, the Ozone Group announced its entry into the Organic Skincare Segment with the launch of the specialized Ozone Professional Range offering the right, natural and plant-based skin care routine that is essential for healthy looking skin across different skin conditions and age groups. Their mantra is to unleash the age old secrets of our rich history and provide beauty solutions to a woman through the science behind traditional herbs and other natural ingredients. Brought together by the ozone group of companies- an already established name in the pharmaceuticals verticals, we found ourselves in the midst of greenhouse for carefully planted saplings, grown organically. We were also informed of the various international accreditation licenses procured by the company, along with land acquired in the North East for organic farming. The concept of a scrub soap out of the entire range of beauty and skincare products and the clever christening of a moisturiser as a ‘Hydrant’ were my favourites of the lot.

Almond to Saffron- All soaps for all skin types! #CelebrateBathing
Dr. Neeta, in her infirmative presentation took us through the 7 layers of the skin and how active herbal materials are required to have a conduit to permeate to the dermis. Indeed, an eye opener when she refereed to ancient texts to tell us that only Sesame oil has the quality to penetrate 5 layers to reach the dermis. 
A range of products sashayed down the table- with active ingredients each carefully selected for their specific health benefits and  grown on Ozone’s own certified organic farms. 
Amidst a healthy Q&A round from bloggers to the core team at Ozone group, ether were discussions on how organic products are elitist- can this elitism go?, Is the modern-day consumer aware of the rights and does she/he even bother looking at the label to check licensing details and the purity of the sourcing? What do you think?
The bath, body and face care products have elements that usually range from mint, lavender, almond, Holy basil, sandal, aloe vera jasmine, turmeric, saffron and have a specific area of cosmeceutical expertise. 
The good news is the same group is out soon with its range of essential oils! First touch of the hydrant to your skin and you know this one’s for keeps… as far as the scrub soap is concerned, have to give it a go soon! Watch this space!
The brand created by Ozone Ayurvedics received the “Mera Brand” Award of the year in the anti-marks crème category in 2008 in the 5th annual Consumer World Award (CWA).
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