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The Insider is back! In its new avatar. So Hola!
Recently, Lakme Fashion Week saw many a Bollywood diva and some non-divas walking the ramp. Nothing new- very old and done to death trend now. Many other fashion weeks have been doing this too.
What happened to the Supermodel on the ramp?
But something that got me thinking about this trend of showstoppers on the ramp- the Bollywood variety.
No denying that it gets the attention that probably the designer deserves.  That’s what happened when at a show recently the showstoppers were asked questions and not a single question to the designer- when the organiser reminded the people around to ask a question to the designer- the star walked off in a huff! Don’t believe me? Watch it here
Please note, the over-enthusiastic reader, I am not taking sides on the issue! So please do so on your own…
Dissecting the Showstopper Trend
To lay the blame on the stars would be missing the forest for the tree. Both industries share a symbiotic relation. So, no complaining there. But surely, purely from an academic point of view, supermodels have lost their place under the sun.
Karisma Kapoor LFW 2018
Showstopper Karisma Kapoor for Arpita Mehta’s LFW’18
A Global Trend?
Clothes horse, coat hanger and mega-mannequin- some  epithets describing models that stayed with me post a read on the waning supermodel trend. This is not only in India, but globally an occurrence now. Blah, if you believe, that I believe, models are that! With fashion weeks in India, with uncomfortable distance between themselves,  fashion scene  has changed in more ways than one. Have a see of the Bollywood stars that walked the ramp for designers at the Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai! Who’s your favourite?
Lakme Fashion Week 2018
Shruti Hassan for Saaksha & Kinni
Where have the supermodels gone?
That one trend that has turned topsy-turvy is of the supermodels who are surely a rarity now.
Madhu Sapre, Milind Soman, Mehr Jessia, Arjun Rampal, Inder Mohan, Manpreet Brar, Vidisha Pavate gained supermodel status. In the 90s,  they were paparazzi favourites off the ramp too. Growing up in the 90s,  glossies would carry them as cover stories. They peeped at  the persona behind the person. Their off and on ramp clothes were the talk of the town. Their talent lay in showcasing the designer’s work on their perfect 10 bodies. So, who killed the supermodel?   Celebrities in their own right?
Shahid Kapoor for Amit Aggarwal
Rise of the Celebrity Culture
Nope, not going anywhere, anytime soon. Before Bollywood showstoppers are blamed again, halt!  There are other fashion influencers bloggers and vloggers who are calling the fashion shots.  The dictum is, have camera, am a celebrity. Nothing wrong, just the times we live in. With overnight internet sensations -you could be a showstopper, next, who knows? Have a think about where have you seen Bollywood?  Apart from the silver screen? Yes, everywhere. Bollywood is the biggest influencer fashion or otherwise.  So why won’t the designers ride that wave? Yes, it may not be the best trend  as naturally the star gets the limelight.  And the many well deserved super/models waiting  to take centre stage. The trend is here to stay. Let’s get that right. Economics overrides fashion passion!
LFW Amit Aggarwal
Disha Patani for Amit Aggarwal
Parting Shot
Lastly, who can ignore social media’s influence on fashion. Other reasons for, a fashionista-a-moment- filters on social media! Clearly, this democratisation of fashion hasn’t augured well for professional models. They are super but far from the status of a supermodel!
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2 thoughts on “Death of the “Supermodel””

  1. Great insight by the insider there…yes miss those days of supermodels..Carol Gracias, Mehar Jessia, Milind …actresses and actors from bollywood as showstoppers has now become repititive…it has lost freshness, and element of surprise n suspense too. Moreover, with this focus shifts from designers n their designs to the filmstars and this not a healthy trend…

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment and for sharing your thought! Absolutely agree with you on this and had been feeling this for quite some time now so thought of penning my thoughts…thank you!

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