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I thankfully get many opportunities to indulge in bleisure as a travel enthusiast and a professional trainer. Now, what is Bleisure?
Bleisure is a portmanteau of business and pleasure. Off on a business trip, you either extend the stay. Or you manage the days well to inject some sightseeing too!
Swati Rai
Business + Leisure Mode
Here  are my mantras to crack the bleisure code. Think of it as a template for most of my business cum pleasure trips.
Also, some pics from my recent trip to Kullu, Himachal.
Visual Mapping
Yeah! See your trip as a picture. Visualise your movements, expected time and plan. Look out for windows that may be exploited for a quick sight-see. Plan within-the-city travel, well, to save time. Red flag probable road blocks. Do a GPS check, if need be for the literal blocks to your destination.
Himachal Pradesh
Far from the madding crowd
Mark Places to see
Once you know the meeting venue, no harm in mapping likely places to have a dekkho. Keeping to time is a must do. Especially when you’re on a tight schedule. Of course delete the ones far away from you. Reserve them for leisure. With distances involved, the You don’t want to come across as unprofessional. Remember your primary task is business! Do not obviously compromise with that. Especially with money riding on you!
Feed Your interests
 For me heritage, history and nature works. Decide what’s your tourist gluttony. Select and move towards seeing those places that feed it. Trust me, there’s a pattern to our freewheeling too!
What I saw on my Bleisure Trip
Of quaint Hotel Lobbies
Make the most of What You Got!
Of time, money, places and business. Divide, prioritize and decide. Don’t forget to enjoy! Mostly keep your stamina to travel and trudge, up! Pack well, double up your business wear as casual chic for an outing.
Do share where you are headed now?
Peculiar Signage at tiny airports
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