Language as I type, you read and we speak- is changing! A work in progress, it sure is, metamorphosing, into something, you and I may not be so familiar with. Here we are talking about ‘millennial speak’. Linguistic futurists foresee this as a continuum.  Sure, this language is far removed from ‘standard’ English but, that too is one form of English language, spoken globally. Millennial lingo is more functional, less focussed on form and may be concise. My interest in it is academic as well as borne out of curiosity. Yours could be what you choose it to be. But as a trend, this is going to grow, not go! Welcome to millennial Lingo of slangs.

Change Ahoy!
Look around you. Take a good look at the screen time that is skyrocketing. Reading on the move has become a thing. To save time, and yes for SEO reasons too, we shorten sentences, use simpler words and current vocabulary.  So, digital communication and interaction is altering the way we converse, as we speak. Just as from the 15th century Gutenberg days, the process of printing standardised orthography, typesetting, punctuation, to some extent,  now too tech driven consumption is colouring our language in 360 degrees. Eroding or moulding it- that’s your call, to take.  The lassez-faire practice in syntax structure, democratic interpretation of the language in bending grammar rules and nuances, emojis and text abbreviations  is all giving leeway to slang usage!
More Changes Ahoy!
Who would have thought that some news articles now, could be auto generated? Additionally, with synchronous translations a possibility now, frictionless linguistic exchange occurs across the world.  Language is surely in a flux. We see more that read now. Visual communication and the use of pictorial representation has further shrunk and altered the use of language. This changed linguistic dynamic is nothing surprising, considering that language changes to suit the need, mode and context of communication.
The old and the New lingo
No surprises there that, the emoji  of a ‘face with tears of joy’ was the word of the year, for Oxford Dictionaries in 2015. The focus in everyday communication is clearly is on easy understandability and globes English.. Imagine reading The Canterbury Tales now? Can’t, right?  I mean, sure you can read…but with some challenge. Sounds like an alien language altogether- well who knows, a decade later,  our oft used words now, will be a thing of the past? Evolution of language stays. Keeping this change in mind – Here are my top picks of Millenial Lingo Slangs!
Nope, no modifier ‘up’ here. A sudden springing to life. The reason could be a new found knowledge or just an alarm!
Xennials-  I am a xennial – born between 1977-1983. Basically older millennials
Coz we got tired of FOMO- the Fear becomes the Joy of Missing Out!
Said no one ever
Use this to nullify anything, sarcastically. ‘That family is everything…’Said No One Ever!
Because Duh!
Represent, what is an axiom, the complete truth according to you. Something that doesn’t require a justification.  I am the best …because duh!
Is this the best way to communicate? Well, that depends on who is communicating where and what.  Context is king. So choose wisely. But next time you are talking to millennials, don’t judge the language unless you’re marking them for a paper! Because duh… Peace out!
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