The convention hall was abuzz with women’s chatter. This was not just another day of catching up over coffee or listening to lectures. It was a day of meeting women intending to get back to work after a pause in their career. A day to be mentored by industry insiders. A face to face meeting with probable hirers!
What I did there!
As an itinerant #MilitaryWife , a trainer ( , writer and blogger- and a mentor for many such kindred souls, I get a lot of queries on how to sustain a career path and how to make it big in fields chosen.
So read on to know what you can do to get back into the mainstream of work as a freelancer or otherwise.


How is this Conference Different?
Neha Bagaria, CEO and Founder of JobsforHer told me just that. It is a hybrid model that they work on- meaning offline networking with online resources. The clear focus is on getting the jobs to women, matching skill to the profile, creating empathetic listening opportunities coupled with practical job solutions.
Neha Bagaria,CEO & Founder,JobsForHer at RestratHer,2018_Delhi


What you need to do?
So will a red carpet be rolled out, if you’re contemplating a return to the job market? No. Upskill, specialize and network- these would be my takeaways from my journey as a mentor and women returnee. As Neha says, ‘It’s never too late to join back and learn and relearn!’
Speed Mentoring et al
You also got a chance to talk face to face with the mentor in the allocated time – clarify, ask queries and seek solutions- there and then! Of course with follow ups online. The reskilling workshops guided women on ways to navigate changes in the industry through various interventions in soft skills such as confidence-building as well as hard skills such as data analytics.
What can you do?
‘Highlight and leverage your strengths and skills’ shares Neha. Also, the skills could be soft skills such as – being a people’s person, a communicator and organizer. Getting a skill based learning –attending workshops and upskilling is the way forward. Reading skill based literature, online courses, and SPJIMR also has a special MBA for women returnees. Joining communities of like minded people and women is a must do too. Blended courses is the next big thing and you can enroll in one, sitting at home.
Career Fair @ RestartHer


What is JobsForHer & RestartHer2018?
JobsForHer is an online connecting portal for women on a career break. It hosted recently a #RestartHer2018 a career fair, mentoring programme and a conference. RestartHer, a unique, day-long intensive career re-entry event, gave women in Delhi the necessary tools, confidence and connections to help them return to work. Carefully curated workshops and meticulous mentoring sessions to aid women returnees to restart and advance their career trajectories was next on the agenda!
Who was there?
Several large corporates, SME’s and startups set up booths at the Career Fair to offer participants an opportunity to re-launch their careers. There were companies recruiting women across industries ranging from banking, tech, FMCG, operations, healthcare, education, etc, in functional areas ranging from marketing, sales, software development, HR, and writing, across experience levels ranging from 2-20 years and in job types from full-time, part-time, work-from-home, freelance as well as returnee programs.
Neha Bagaria and Swati Rai- #Mentoring and Reskilling-Mantras for Life


Confidence building is another aspect that I feel needs to be worked upon. There are many women who have restarted their careers post a break. Taking inspiration form them can’t be wrong now. Can it? Drop your queries to me here!
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