So my FB post asking – Is no response, a response, got many of you thinking and responding –clearly a great response! Thank you for sharing yours – here’s mine.
Disclaimer:  Clearly my copyright on the text and not the sentiment. Feel free to choose your decision. But here’re my reasons of why a response, is a must for a response!
Context is King
Unless of course you are a celebrity- a real one- and have a zillion trolls and fans in equal numbers- you obviously don’t have to respond to everyone. Also if you are well aware of the familial politics and choose to best avoid a confrontation- so be it. Here we are talking about generic professional and everyday communication. So there! Also, best to know that we are talking in majority communication, there may be times where we choose to stay mum, well clearly a minority for me.
Why Respond?
And why not? Leave the questioner, seeker and enquirer- hanging in mid-air. Why not clarify, why not give reasons to justify your response negative or otherwise. Why not validate the other person’s existence, or are you too far above, all this banal politeness? No, there’s no shortage of time unless of course, we’re running the country.  Even he has some time to respond!


Who’s afraid of Saying No
Obviously at most times, when we refuse or turn down a request, we could possibly lose a friend, but if we do so, was she one at all. Are our friendships going to be built on fragile egos? Sure, professionalism steps in here too. Keeping emotions and logic unmixed will help. Language tools to refuse a request  assertively and not negatively will be a great plus! Don’t you think so?
Relationship Building much?
Lastly, good to know that our not responding to someone may become a pattern of convenience, best not fall into that trap.  Plus, there will be other instances where we will have to respond- however hard to do so. So, why not start responding?
Sure, you may not respond to the post, but then again you may too! Peace, love and light!
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4 thoughts on “Why No Response, is no Response?”

  1. Interesting read, Swati. Yes, you have raised a very pertinent question, is No Response a no response, or again it is sometimes A Response ? Not responding to something can depend on several factors, not necessarily always on ego or anything negative about the person not responding. The nature of relationship, the past history of communication, not wanting to go into a conflict mode always, the basic nature of someone, the feeling of whatever-I-will-say-will-be-taken-negative, the tone of any communication enforcing and expecting someone to respond and various other factors can trigger a No Response from someone. We generally tend to start blaming the person who is not responding as egoistic and unfriendly, but sometimes we need to self evaluate why we are on the receiving end of a No Response. I strongly feel, since I have been many times on the receiving end of a No Response, that every no response is a two way traffic, and sometimes we have to accept the fact that some persons take initiatives to stay in our lives and some don’t, it’s good to let go of the persons who decide to stay away, if they need us in their lives, they will surely come back and respond……that may sound too tame, but this is my personal view 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your insight..yes of course there is a shade of grey, many actually, … largely people tend to make it a habit especially where power equation is in one’s favour… appreciate your views too!

  2. Its so good…👏👏👏….. are our friendship are going to be built on fragile egos… true.💕…but again my take is….no response is not a response always😊😊

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