LMI Fashion Week SS19

What’s your fashion persona? No, don’t know yet? Well, look into your closet, closely. Identify the colours, patterns, textures, silhouettes that you’ve stocked over the years. Glance through your Instagram handle-what do you see? Well, that’s your fashion self you’re looking at.

There are deeper reasons to the way we dress our mannequins. We match colours to our mood and context to the garment. Day offs and off days, are both aligned with the fashion choices we make consciously or unconsciously.

Being fashionable is not following trends but setting them! Have a pick of my picks to construct a carefully crafted, curated look- of course not always, but may be sometime! Tell me what you think!

Edgy Indian

Rahul Mishra in Gossamer, has managed to take the craft of Chikankari and Daraz and elevated them to luxury fashion. ‘Because memory is a luxury. The way we hold on to smells, colours and textures. Fashion, to me, is an expression of what makes me. As a nostalgist, I want to bring back the 1980s in colour.’

Rahul Mishra
Rahul Mishra at LMIFW SS19


The textile development for the collection has its own narrative that emerges from the collection’s theme. The fine cotton was woven in West Bengal. The Maheshwari textiles in this collection with their blue and white checks are an ode to memory of the village and also my growth as a designer working with weavers.

Rich, luxurious, exotic Diva feels!

Payal pratap’s The Sound of Silence is the calm amidst the bustle. Think city life, then rethink it amidst a lush green foliage and a garden of Eden!

Payal Pratap
Payal Pratap at LMIFW SS’19


If forest hues is up your alley then this is for you! It has a fresh abundance of resplendent forest greens, vintage rhubarb pink, wild mustard, strong coffee bean and pigment blue. If fabrics such as handloom linen cotton and khadi, handwoven gingham checks, bold handloom plaids, a play of stripes and checks with selvedge details is to your loving- then this is your feminine glorious fashion moment!
More features of tis collection are- Soft and bold embroideries, tie dye ribbon and tape embroideries, cut work and scalloping at hems and edges. A gentle hint of fern and foliage embroideries peeping through in small enchanted forest motifs. Embroidered lace like hems that finish edges. Signature Cross stitch with ferns, branch and twig motifs. French knots, and a buffet of embroidery techniques bring in a 3D element. Silhouettes take the form of asymmetric hems and plackets, layering, maxi dresses, patchwork plays, pleats and peplums. If patterning, mixing and matching defines you as a fashionista- then go grab this!

Minimalism Much?

If clean lines with minimalistic considered designs with handcrafted processes and material is more your style- go for The Lovebirds collection.

Lovebirds at LMIFW SS19

The idea of balanced, refined and sensitive design is reiterated strongly in their collection.

They have used updated concepts of volume, circular form and asymmetry and experimented with satin organza to re-imagine their classic pieces and create unexpected new silhouettes.

Processes like block printing on non-synthetic and handwoven cottons, linens and silks, is their focus and natural dyeing process.

Lovebirds at LMIFW SS19


Stripes with textural details complement the novel cuts and layering featured across the collection, paired with strong prints and a fresh summer palette. Go experiment, organically!

Brit Chic

Shruti Sancheti’s collection is your must have if elegance is your go-to fashion statement. ‘Summer always rewinds the sweet nostalgia of elegant picnic days spent in British quaint parks. The poetic landscapes and ripen roses sprawling around little cottages inspired us to create this line of country Chic.’

Shruti Sancheti at LMIFW SS'19
Shruti Sancheti at LMIFW SS’19

All things feminine with a touch of British flair are celebrated in this collection. Think wallpaper florals, sun-washed Ginghams, luxe cotton blends along with organic linens and delicate laces. This poetic line has a melange of easy separates, dresses, and maxis.

Shruti Sancheti at LMIFW SS'19
Shruti Sancheti at LMIFW SS’19

Colours you ask, well , Sancheti sure knows your choice! Ivory Cream, Duck egged blue, apricot orange, Mustard yellow, Sage green, Berry milkshake pinks and Teal blue are the key hues. Textured embroidery, cross stitch details, anglaise lace along with delicate scallop edgings relives the bygone grace of elegant decadence. Flaunt your floral feminine femme fatale diva look!

Life in Black & White

If rock chic crazy 80s gets your fashion vote-then Siddharth Tytler’s SS’19 is your pick of the year! The techniques and structure is the focal point to this collection as they have updated these techniques to today’s modern aesthetic. The colour pallette is purely black & white- yeah tat too. The silhouette is that of body- con dresses, structured jackets, crop tops and over sized looks. Your 80s fashion kink complete!

Siddhartha Tytler at FDCI LMIFW SS'19
Siddhartha Tytler at FDCI LMIFW SS’19


Siddhartha Tytler at FDCI LMIFW SS'19
Siddhartha Tytler at FDCI LMIFW SS’19


Whatever be your apparel choice, don’t forget to wear your attitude, this or any fashion season! Do let us know which one is you?

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  1. Great to know and see much of the fashion week highlights in your post Swati. The pictures are nicely shot. i am not a fashion expert, but I liked the way you have gone about the details in your post.

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