Royal Rajasthan
Royal Rajasthan’s heritage bijouterie flaunts some of the best forts. Did you know that the Mehrangarh Fort has been declared as a national geological monument, by the Geological Survey of India?


Royal Rajasthan
A Royal sojourn into the past
This is so because ‘at the foot of Mihirgarh or Fort of the Sun (Mehrangarh, Rajasthan) lies the Jodhpur Group- Malani Igneous Suite Contact, which is a geological feature representing the last phase of igneous activity of Precambrian age in this subcontinent.’ No, obviously not discerned through the touristy eye as mine, however, this ignorance doesn’t take away the appeal of the facade of the rocks and the adjacent topography. Geo-Tourism anyone?
Royal Rajasthan
The Fort Facade

Apart from the galleries displaying the ornate, bejewelled palanquins, howdahs, armoury etc. the fort in its sheer majestic heights and size, with its sweeping courtyards and canons overlooking the blue city, is a must visit in Rajasthan.
I dived into the past, post an invigorating training session! What’s not to love?
The hubble bubble (Hookah) was for spiced, fragrant tobacco.The red funnels passed on the crushed, sieved opium into the containers with long pipes and voila!


Maharaja’s Durbar- stained glass, marble flooring, gilded roofs and secret balconies for the queens to overhear the proceedings.
Palanquins and Howdahs gallery vignettes

Lime mixed with shells formed the facade of the walls- it added a lustre to the mahal and its name – Moti Mahal. The zenana fragranced with jasmine, lit with oil lamps illumined its pearly sheen.

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