No, this is not how my breakfast looks everyday. And No, also that it doesn’t look like this on most days.

What you see here is of course more elaborate version of similar breakfast I make the effort of making everyday, well almost.

Healthy Bite

While most of us oscillate between Keto diet and junk food on the same day, sometimes, we become oblivious to the balance in a ‘balanced diet’.

Well no diet for me- even with weight issues, I try to maintain a healthy diet with the two scales of heavy and light, carbs and proteins, roughage and meats, nuts and fruits etc.

Here’s what you see on the plate- A sample!

A poached egg, garlic cheese toasttetes (my coinage), apricots, pistachios, walnut, orange slices, pomegranate with a platter of flax seeds, boiled corn kernels and French beans. This followed by a glass of orange juice and honey ginger tea!

There – that was what my plate has usual – a mix and match.

Now the Five Must -Haves!

So, by now you’ve figured, I like to stir things up for a variety meal on the plate. Still, some staples do vary.  I play about with these five- Protein, Carbohydrates, roughage, fat and minerals! Hell yeah- call them what you will- eggs/cottage cheese, sourdough bread, fruit smoothie, margarine/butter or flaxseeds- they are at the end of the day nutrients getting into your body! Of course Imma no dietician- but surely one knows by now what is good for one’s health. If not- please do some research on what’s great for your body type- seek advice and plate up!

Poached Eggs- The Easy Peasy Way!

For those fretting about poaching eggs- heres what I do. You can too.

Boil Water- about 2-3 inches of it.

Add a tsp of white Vinegar

Take the eggs out of the fridge well in time.

Slip the eggs into the water gently.

Cover the pan and let it cook over gentle heat.

You may stir for evenly distributing the heat.

Fetch it out and plate up! Bon appétit


Share your healthy breakfast tips! Oh yes, there are cheat days too of course!

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