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Rebecca had just come back from a field visit in Kathmandu. A lecturer at the University in the UK she was there for research in healthcare. She joined me at the cosy corner abutting the fireplace at the colonial style bar. The fire was down to its last embers-  misleading the sitter with its deceptive ochre sizzle.

We clinked our similar content glasses and let the warmth of the hot rum toddy spout out our life histories. Married to a Pakistani social worker, a British citizen, she relayed how she’d named her children, keeping in mind the ease of their pronunciation in a globalised world. Thoughtful!

She talked about how she lives in the countryside away from the city, as it’s all about ‘consumption’ there. We went on to chat about our current reads and views- it was clear that there’s something similar about people who travel. It’s easy to strike a conversation with fellow solo travellers and talk about the serious and the frivolous, in one sitting. No? It’s in a sense, a travel spirit that binds you and you listen with out judging. The liquor helps, for sure! We spoke about travelling solo and how important it was to take such a break- from family, friends, and not wallow in guilt, was the highlight of the chat. Sitting in Nepal, hearing my views from someone from a planet away- was surreal and reassuring in equal measure.

Cut to Kathmandu airport, I await my flight-boarding announcement and am sitting next to a 20-year-old Australian- on his maiden solo trip, onwards to India. As I recommend the ‘must visit’ spots to him- I am amazed that it took me such a long to go solo tripping! It’s a great way to connect with yourself and come back rejuvenated! No?

Work the Winter Work Wear

Hmmm …let’s talk about Winter Work Wear

 The previous two insights have little to do with the current post- only that the post is about my recent solo work trip. After the philosophical, comes the transitory pleasures of the sartorial world. As a solo traveller myself, especially on work assignments I find putting a look together for a work assignment, the hardest in winters. Layers of clothing is not always an exciting fashionable proposition. Also not the one for topping my summer wear with layers, I find myself reinventing the woolly wardrobe to make it chic and functional, fashionably! Here’s how I do it – add your tips too!


Layering right

First invest in great, genuine wool stuff- that way, you require fewer coverings, and you avoid becoming a sack during winter! You can thank me later. Disclaimer: This post relates only to your travels for business purposes, one where you’ve got to look well turned out and less like a ‘fashion blogger’! Winter travel mandates heavy luggage, sadly not with a concomitant rise in the airline’s baggage concession! Lesson? You gotta make those layers work. Here’s my tip-carry a variety of coats, half sleeves and otherwise, polo necks, and stoles to spin out myriad different looks. Match these garments creatively over a couple of days to give them a new look. A blazer with the same pair of trousers will look entirely different with a stole and a polo neck! Try it!

Accessorise, accessorise

Belts, brooches, scarves neck pieces, bracelets, all the arsenal you need to look well put together. Lapel brooches give a professional and chic look. Also stoles tied in different knots work the magic on dull winter days.

Pair different colours – junk the usual black worn repetitively. Match the reds and the greys- it works, the browns and the pinks and the ochre and the white! Obs, (obviously) don’t go OTT with jewelry with this one. Rather than flat lays on insta- programme your sartorial pairing in your mind and you’re good to go!


Make up hack

 Don’t neglect a set hair and a clean, moderate make up look. This is not the time to take the Instagram filters too seriously! When it comes to doing up your face- sunscreen plus moisturiser and a BB cream as a base work for me with a little blush-on and eyelash curler plus a muted lip- a sure shot way of a professional, wintery sunny look!

Colour popping works well with muted hues and a statement piece or accessory will never go out of style. Lastly, when in doubt, remember – less is more! Throw in a pair of a comfy jacket and woolly stole plus keds for the after work sight seeing- A life too short not to work and play!


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  1. Your tip about investing in good quality layers is excellent. I love layering in the winter, and have learned I’m much more happy and confident (not to mention warm!) when I wear one or two well-made layers than three or four flimsier fabrics.

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