A ‘literary maha-kumbh‘ a cerebral ceremony, celebrating the word, call it what you will- the two things that make up JLF are definitely the crowds and the chance to listen to and meet  national  and international literary figures.

Representing the blog on the press terrace you also meet like minded book nerds and in coffee-breaks, you catch your breath and catch up with others on the sessions missed, enjoyed and the ones best missed!

A flurry of activities, the foot fall and the sheer mammoth, simultaneously run sessions – is mind boggling. As the festival reaches its culmination point today, here are a few pointers for you, for the next time- to make the most of your experience at JLF!

Do your Prep!

First up, Read! Avoid the question ‘How to start writing?’ at any panel. This is the most asked query and I reckon authors and fellow panelists have already answered that many fests ago. YouTube it.

Prepare on zeroing in on your place to stay – and choose the closest one. Fastest fingers first applies here as well. There are plenty of homestay options via Air bnb as well. Check them out.

A Glimpse from Day 1 -JLF19 Because We Are A Portrait of My Father Gulzar and Meghna Gulzar in conversation with Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri

Early Bird

Not for the faint hearted this cultural jamboree, get them pollution masks out to ward off the dust, queuing up early for everything will give you that much needed five-seconds heads up for author signing, seat grabbing, chai drinking, food and of course washroom going, etc etc. Of course, there are crowds, so think before you make up your mind, and don’t cringe at the sight of a human sea.

Mark the sessions

The programme goes up early on the website, so one knows what’s already up. Read-up them books, involve yourself in the session, tweet away and ask a question! Knowing that you’d end up missing a few sessions as they happen sometimes simultaneously- mark the ones you can see at home on YouTube!

Weather Wise

Jaipur weather is unpredictable so carry woolies for the evening, post a fashionable sunny day. The temperature dips like how and no fun in being holed up in the hotel room when you can be at the venue- living the experience live!  Carry a few munchies with you as supplies- you don’t want to miss out on a seat while your grumbling tummy takes you away from the venue queue to another at a food stall.

Other handy hints such as carrying a selfie stick, catching the eye of the street fashion photographer; am sure you already know! 🙂

For more on 2020 Zee JLF catch the action here

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