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‘No Such thing as a Writer’s Block’ –Andrew Sean Greer

 Pulitzer Prize Winning author on ‘Less’ and all things writing

‘Less’ the 2017 novel by Andrew Sean Greer is a satirical, insightful account of the journey of a gay writer Arthur Less who, as his fiftieth birthday approaches, does the world lit-fest circuit. The book traverses the themes of aging, same-sex relationships, travel and romantic love.

Swati Rai
Less is More

This no-holds barred, evocative laugh riot, peppered with self deprecating humour engenders a global reader empathy, with the novel, its USP I say.

I caught up with the humble and candid writer. Here are excerpts from the chat on all things writing! ‘I see ‘the writer’s block’ as a catch in your back, it’s still there, but you’ve got to push yourself to walk.’

 ‘Less’ is More

It was necessary for him to access and plunge into the deepest, darkest and some embarrassing recesses and moments of his life, says Greer. The book really is taking pot shots at the American, that’s oblivious to existence of other cultures- what, therefore results in cultural appropriation and ‘not bothering to read the Lonely planet guide before you travel out. We have got to step back, it’s not funny if we’re bullies!’

Swati Rai
Catching up with Greer

Awards and the Voice

He sees the Pulitzer Prize as having brought him the currency of being a bonafide writer. ‘My first novel didn’t do well, so out came my next book within a year. I guess I was harder on myself as a writer before the award.’

As a voice that has a global reach Greer is ‘happy to talk about and lend weight to the arguments on LGBTQ rights, egalitarian writing space for all genders and on authenticity conversations’

Though he doesn’t plan on writing while in India, he sure is making notes in his diary as an observer- so watch out! Can’t wait for his next!


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