By Kushagra Das

For fashion enthusiasts, Fashion Week is that time of the year which outshines any other event. It is a heady cocktail of work and play. Runways, interviews, parties, crafting editorial content, affixing right picture angles, a person who works in the business surely knows that the burnout is not as glamourous as it looks on every attendee’s social media! So, how should photographers, editors, writers, and social media stars survive? Here’s my take!

Team The Insider at #LMIFW19

Do your home-work!

Prior knowledge about the shows and the designers, is a must have guys. A little thing as just, mispronouncing the name of a label or designer can not only be embarrassing for you but can also be disrespectful to the designers. So, make sure you have at least the basic information about the shows that you are going to attend.  Yes, you’ll be surprised the fashion writer hara kiri, I have been privy to on the sidelines of the shows. The ethos of the designer’s philosophy is a must-note too, before you come strutting your stuff at the fashion week.

Go comfy on your feet

With all the running around that one has to do from one show to another, from one cocktail party to another press conference, it is very important that you wear comfortable shoes. You can carry an extra pair of flats or can wear something lite and comfortable. You can thank me later- Paytm, perhaps?

Rent clothes

This one’s my favourite! Fashion week can sometimes be a bit harsh on your pocket. With you wanting to put your best ‘street-style’ foot forward, it can disturb your budget. So, if you are not ‘influential’ (Am guessing many ‘influencers’ also do that!!) enough for designers to send clothes at your doorway, you can always rent designer clothes, bags and even jewellery.  There are many websites and online services that offer such services. So, next time you want to wear that Anamika Khanna dress or carry that Birkin bag, just try looking them up!

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Stay Hydrated

Fashion week can be physically exhausting and can take up a lot of energy. So, make sure you keep yourself and your skin hydrated. Carry a small bottle of water and take sips from time to time. But don’t go overboard, you don’t want to take a loo break during a fabulous show!

What’s in your bag?

There are some things that are very important for you to carry. With the back to back shows, you’ll need your phone (Because social media stories, legit no?). So, a power bank is a must. You should also carry a moisturizer for your skin and an energy bar that you can chew.

Go easy on the alcohol

It’s very easy with all that glitz and glam that you lose count of the cocktails and drinks that you are guzzling. So, make sure you keep a track on how much alcohol you are consuming- who’s counting? You should!

Know when to say no to another glass.

Balance is the key

It’s very important to have a balance in whatever you wear. Something which shows your fashionable side and which is also comfortable. So, I suggest you flat lay your outfits in advance, to skip the last minute hustle and glitches.

Don’t underestimate the power of small talk

If you are at the fashion week then small talk can be very useful. It’s no less then an art when you have to interact with so many people and have to make a somewhat similar conversation. So, don’t forget to master the ‘art’ of small talk before you enter the gates of the venue.

Fashion Week Lookbook is a must do, yo!

Be confident

This is the most important thing that you need to remember. Things can often get intimidating at a Fashion Week. You might get judged for the clothes you choose to wear or feel left out while talking to self-proclaimed experts of Fashion. So, it’s very important that you remain confident and enjoy the shows to the fullest.

Confidence is the best thing you can wear!

Don’t lose your essence

It’s very important to be yourself and let your clothes and outfits represent your personality, your essence. Don’t wear something or do something which doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Experiment as much as you want but don’t let your clothes overshadow your own self. Instead let them speak for who you truly are.

Also, keep it fashionable! Until, the next one!

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