By Kushagra Das

Rashmi Bindra’s journey has been an inspirational one. Be it designing clothes or fighting a life threatening disease, she has always been a fighter. She started painting when she was just 14 years old and hasn’t stopped ever since. Now she is 53 and excelling in her field.

She aims to revive the art of hand painting with her collection. Spring always gets us close to nature, so the collection has a lot of birds, bees, flowers in pastels , aqua, with a dash of silver and gold, embroidery, beed work.

Team Insider had a chance to have a tête-à-tête with the designer herself. Here is what she had to say when we asked her about her collection and her fight with cancer.

Tell us about your latest collection.

This time I did a lot of free flowing Kaftans, which were immensely liked by a lot many.

So, what are some of the current trends in hand painted sarees?

I did a bit of Batik in the sarees with Poppies, Rose’s ,ferns , lilies, hydrangeas , in coral colours,  but did a black saree too, which stood out in whole of my collection, light florals are in, and the fabrics can be organza, chiffon,  georgette and even Bangladeshi cotton.

How has been the response on day one?

People found our work very pretty and different,  but expensive,  since for them it was like Prints, for them formals means embroidery and gotta.

What’s the USP of your collection?

Mine is free hand painting, and all the pieces are different. So, anybody who has my collection will have a single piece, and that’s a luxury.

How did hand-painting and designing help you overcome health debacles?

Yes for me , I had given a back seat to my painting , but during my treatment,  I was engaged in making lehengas , which made me forget , any suffering,  and was actually very happy , and my chemotherapy went of smoothly   .

What was the biggest challenge that you faced when you were diagnosed with Cancer?

For me the Challenge was to make my Daughter who was going to take her 12th grade exams,and the family feel that was absolutely ok, I did not want her to mess up her exams,  but I was confident that I’ll come out of it clear..

Where did you get your strength from during that time and what kept you motivated?

I never felt for once that anything bad will happen to me, and my family was and is my strength,  my son, husband,  parents,  and being a fauji’s wife, I knew I’ll be able to fight this war too.

What tip will you give to mothers (since you are a mother) who are cancer patients?

Mothers are the STRENGTH,  and there is nothing  that she can’t do. My Father had tears in his eyes ,when he learnt about my Cancer, but my Mom held them back, just fed me with great food and solid faith that it will be over soon.


Rashmi Bindra has shown us all what a true fighter is like and is bringing courage to so many people with her clothes and art. Rashmi Bindra’s collection is at display in Hyatt Regency, New Delhi and is getting an extraordinary response. Do check it out!

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