By Kushagra Das

Moving to a big city can be quite a challenge and an adventure when you come from a small town. Our life changes drastically. There are so many more worries and hurdles that we have to face. The numerous opportunities and experiences of a metropolitan come with a side of unknown obstacles.

After spending almost four years in the city of Delhi, here is my take on how to survive a big city like a boss!

Don’t be scared to speak your mind – When you move to a big city, it’s okay to feel intimidated, feel scared and feel less from other much confident looking people around you. When this happens, remember to believe in yourself and not worry about what others might think about you and your opinions.

Enjoy the benefits of the big city – One of the main reasons people move to a metropolitan is the exposure and experience it gives you. So, don’t sit at home, go out and make the most of the big city. Take part in events, attend shows, learn about art and culture, and meet new people. See and experience as many things as you can.

Peer pressure is a big NO! – This can and should be followed by everyone regardless of their small town background or not. Peer pressure has never done anyone any good. Doing things that you don’t want to do just to impress people around you will only lead to guilt and further decrease in your self-esteem. So, take your time, observe and adjust to your environment and do things that won’t make you question your integrity.

Find a green space – Big cities usually lack open green spaces where you can breathe the clean air. The luxury of having a garden or a backyard in your home isn’t easily found in a metro. So, find yourself a peaceful clean place where you can go from time to time, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This will have many physical and emotional benefits.

Don’t try to fit in – There will be numerous times when trying to fit in will seem like the easiest and the best thing to do. But guess what? It isn’t. Trying to fit in will only result in you losing your essence and shine. What will set you apart is overcoming the need and want to be like people around you and accepting the fact that being different is a plus. Not a minus.

Polish yourself – Working on yourself and polishing yourself is very important in today’s day and age. And, it doesn’t mean copying others. Big cities usually exposes you to a more fine and sophisticated crowd. So, use this to work on your rough edges and polish yourself as much as you can.

Make public transport your friend – A metropolitan might not even be a metropolitan if there isn’t traffic capable of making one pull his hair out. So, make sure you get going with the public transport as soon as you can. It’s usually the safest and the easiest option to get around in any big city.

Choose your friends and company wisely – Your company will play a major part when you move out of the comfort of your home. The people who you choose to hang out with will have a big impact on your new life. So, don’t rush into making friends or try hard to get in the ‘cool kids’ circle, give yourself and people time and then make friends.

Try as many new things as you can – Trying new things not only gives you a lot of experience but also gives you immense confident. You see and learn new things which gives knowledge about so many different things. This makes you a great storyteller as well. Which makes you the center of attention at any dinner table. So, try to see and experience everything around you. From debates to an adventures trek to a concert, don’t stop your spontaneous self.

Be in touch with your family – It is crucial for anyone who has moved to a different city to be in touch with their family. You and your family both need each other at this vulnerable time. Your family will be the pillar of strength and motivation that you will need when you move out. After all, everyone needs someone to talk to without getting judged. So, make sure you call home every day at least once if not more. And don’t get annoyed when they ask you if you ate every time they call you.

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