Writing for Blog and Print -5 Top Tips

I, as I am sure, many of you fellow bloggers reading this, get several queries on how to start, sustain and monetise a blog. Added to this is the fact that most of us bloggers also freelance with a few print magazine and newspapers too. I often get asked on how does one balance this and also, how are […]

5 Must-Visit Delhi Heritage Sites with Kids!

No, I am not a mommy blogger or an expert in parenting issues. I am a parent, one who blogs about travel and loves exploring the heritage sites of the capital with my pre-teen!  I treat each holiday, weekend as a way to acquaint my son with new gems of architectural, historical an historic significance in and […]

Sleeveless in the City No More!

While the fashion fraternity fulminates over the Bollywoodisation of fashion on the ramp- to which I agree, I have tried to focus on trends and not the person, in my posts.  Culling out a set of sleeves from the recently concluded ICW ’18, in the capital and Manish Malhotra’s Zween, Couture show in Mumbai. So, if you’re looking […]

Smoothies Recipe by Hwealth Cafe

COFFEE & CINNAMON HI-PROTEIN POWER SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS: (all solid units in kgs) (liquid measures in ml) Toned milk Vanilla protein powder 1 measure Coffee powder 1 tsp Cinnamon powder pinch Ice cubes medium METHOD: 220 ml 0.020 0.003 0.002 3 nos. 1. Combine all ingredients except cinnamon powder in a blender for about 40-50 seconds. […]

Busting Probiotic Myths with Yakult!

In these challenging times, life is on a fast track with unbalanced diet, stress, lack of physical activity, irregular working hours and pollution, each one of these factors has taken its toll on our health. It is also a known fact that lifestyle disorders like obesity and diabetes and Non-Communicable Diseases like cancer are on […]