A Historical Evening at The Book Shop

An evening with William Dalrymple -historian, writer, curator, critic. An exploration of Koh-i-Noor, and why it continues to remain something that both nations and individuals deeply care about.  The fact that The Book Shop in the Jor Bagh market is a quaint, little (literally) charming, overflowing with books, shop; mandated a registration and a curated guest list for the event! A meeting the writer, curator, critic, historical narrative writer and history revivalist, William Dalrymple was on the cards. Once there, in his signature white cotton or is it mull…Pathani suit, he was greeted by an impromptu  applause, also for his arrival on time, Continue Reading

Dancing with Ruskin!

When you face a writer’s block, a good look and read of the Lone Fox Dancing, Speaking Tiger, Ruskin Bond’s autobiography will help you get over it. How? By reminding you that life’s simple pleasures are free and inspiration may just be round the corner. It is as much a traversing of his personal journey as it is a tracking of the writers’ life and pen. Perseverance, getting up when the chips are down and soaring higher, finding peace in solitude while yearning for companionship, loneliness in boyhood and solitude in adulthood as he puts it- all find sufficient ink in is book. Continue Reading

What’s cooking KFC?

He is feisty, he is entertaining, he is unapologetically confident and now he is in India! No, not Jim Carrey- but the indian version of Col Sanders, the founder of the fast food chain KFC.  A celebratory evening in the land of (I’d say, one of) the tastiest chicken in the world saw The Insider strutting at the red carpet gala. Caught up with Moksh Chopra, Director Marketing, KFC India who talked about the brand’s philosophy, how KFC is a brand that has retained its original flavour and how some flavours haven’t made the cut for the Indian palate yet. Make Way for Col Sanders  “What makes KFC stand out is our Continue Reading

Cook the 5 Star Way!

Do away with ‘What to cook’ quandaries – The Insider curates a ready reckoner of recipes from chefs at Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, Mamallapuram  for you! Read on and don your chef hats!  Pardewaali Murgh Hawah Mahal Ingredients Ingredient Qty Chicken 180 sms Butter 30 gms Garlic 10 gms Green Chilli 5 gms Black Pepper 1 tsp Salt To taste Besan flour 5-6 gms Amul cheese 20 gms Egg 1nos Method: Cook chicken in butter & garlic with green chilli & Black pepper. Add salt & besan flour. Put in sheekh & cook for 3 min. Seperately mix egg & amul cheese{Grated}. Put a layer on the Continue Reading

Of Hinduism, Political and Otherwise.

Before anything, read the critique of the book by Kancha Illiah in the Caravan. Essentially,  an evaluation of flaws in Tharoor’s conception of Hinduism- of which I am neither an authority nor an observer.   Why are you a Hindu?  Now to the book. Why I am a Hindu– Shashi Tharoor, – a compendium of the the author’s personal views on his individualistic reading of the religion, its origins, teachings and application of the tenets of Hindusim in the 21stcentury- its interpretation and more importantly, a recalling of the misinterpretation of its precepts is what makes for the book published by Aleph Book Publishing. The overarching Continue Reading